Daring Raid Leads To Pilot’s Escape

by Alexa A’vros

TRINN Archives

(Quantar Core)  A late evening raid by Lions of Hamalzah agent Maus, with a small group of TRI pilots as escort, has led to the escape of the Fourth Tribe’s spokesperson Hrafn.
Although opposed by several pilots loyal to Octavius, including pilots from OEC and OMC, the rescue team managed to get Maus to the prison station, where he was able to get Hrafn to his ship for a quick departure. Despite hitting a petal, Hrafn was safely returned to Quantar Core station, where he is undergoing physical and psychological therapy for the various injuries inflicted by his captors.

The whereabouts of Maus is currently unknown, after pilot Elmdor downed Maus, shortly after Hrafn escaped.

“Everyone here is pleased to see one of our own returned to us safely,” stated Governor Delphia Neamru. “Perhaps next time, Phoenix Rising will think twice about abducting innocent bystanders, and trying to extort concessions out of the Fa’hil Memta. I will personally ensure that those pilots who were brave enough to assist in this operation are suitably recognized ”

There has been no official comment from the Octavian government regarding this incident.


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