TRI Scientist Disappears Outside Amananth

From the TRINN archives
AMANANTH (TRI-FP) – Reports are trickling in confirming the disappearance of Solrain scientist Aeolsah last night outside of Amananth. Not just a half hour beforehand, the scientist put out a request for interested pilots with the assistance of KTRI.

Although several expressed concern for the scientist’s safety before departure, the mood was one of confidence as the small contingent left Amananth. Very shortly thereafter, the group of escorts were fired upon by several sentient conflux, and rogue pilots determined to cut short the efforts of TRI’s valuable research.

No stations have reported any sign of the scientist arriving safely, nor have any transmissions been received confirming his death. In light of these recent developments, Tache Uzelin, Divisional Leader of the TRI Ministry of Defense, has released a new mission available to Solrain and Quantar pilots to continue the work of the scientist. No statements have been issued. Quantar pilots are requested to assist in this matter, due to their proximity to Amananth. Octavian pilots with further information are also requested to contact TRI, as transmissions indicate ‘s destination last night was the Dark Fork, an Octavian sector.


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