Scientist Search Meets Violent Opposition

From the TRINN archives

The search for Aeolsah took a disastrous turn Friday night, as the joint operation of the Ministry of Defense and the Research board ended with no new clues. Approximately mid-evening, Dr. Q’son and Captain Estin made their way to Amananth’s launching pads, where they were greeted by several pilots already waiting and eager to assist. Spirits were relatively optimistic by all parties, but visible tension was displayed between Dr. Q’son and Captain Estin, with not so subtle comments being made about this being a Defense operation only, and the Defense department’s slow nature at handling the matter. Despite this, the route was given, and the pilots launched.

The Research Board’s bad luck continues, as Dr. Q’son rapidly petaled in the Gyre on the way to Aman Hook. With some coaxing by pilot Shogon, Dr. Q’son was on the way again. Somewhere near Last Parsec and the Stith, the group was viciously attacked. After multiple hits to the TRI vessel, Dr. Q’son escaped and arrived minutes later at Amananth. Upon arrival, Dr. Q’son claimed confusion at being back in Amananth, and told of a strange gas filling the cockpit of the ship causing the pilot to blackout and possibly suffer a small blow to the head. After being scanned for injuries at Amananth and none being found, Dr. Q’son remained at the station until Captain Estin’s return. Dr. Q’son was joined by several pilots at this time, and was visibly upset about the apparent tampering of the TRI ship issued for use, launching a series of wild accusations towards the Octavian faction, Captain Estin, and the Defense department.

In the meantime, the other pilots proceeded with Captain Estin to Wake. After several battles, the party veered off course to allow escorts to refuel and re-arm. It was at this point bandits launched a final assult upon Captain Estin’s ship. Captain Estin arrived in Amananth station shortly after, with mild injuries.

In a rare sign of cooperation between the two officials, the collection of reported evidence from Wake was determined a failure, and they would “wait for Wake officials to turn over what they have in a timely fashion”. No word from Wake officials.

A statement published Saturday by the Research Board states, “The Research Board wishes to apologize on behalf of Dr. Q’son for statements made towards members of Octavius last evening. The Research Board is comprised of members from all factions, and we do not condone such narrow minded assumptions, even when visibly made under mild injury and extreme stress. Of course we will be looking into the matter further, as well as the odd occurrence of ships issued to the Research Board members being defective. We do commend Dr. Q’son’s level head in refusing to head after Captain Estin. We have found direct evidence of the vessel being tampered with, including, but not limited to faulty jumping mechanisms. We have recalled all ships under our department for immediate inspection, and expect to continue our search efforts for our colleague when this is complete. We look forward to Wake officials’ assistance.”

Not to be outdone, the Ministry of Defense has come out with comments of their own surrounding last night’s shooting of Captain Estin:

“It would be highly irresponsible of us to place a bounty upon any parties involved in last night’s attack at this time. Indeed, we have also found evidence of the Captain’s vessel logging devices having been tampered with, causing our data of this event to be incomplete. We wish the Research Board well in their continued efforts, but due to the appalling and unfounded accusations launched by Dr. Q’son towards Captain Estin, we must respectfully withdraw from the search and instead focus our attention on other matters for TRI.”

A pilot named CobraMac was involved in last night’s attack, and eye witnesses report IHS ships in the area. Several pilots invaded the communication channel set up for pilots on the way to Wake, shouting “down with TRI”, causing speculation about the security of communication channels, and the possibility of a conspiracy between multiple organizations to divert attention from Wake.

So the search continues.


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