Missions Deemed Failure in Scientist Search

From the TRINN archives


QUANTAR CORE/SOLRAIN CORE (TRI-FP) – Shockwaves rippled through stations yesterday as governments were forced to shut down efforts in the search for Aeolsah, marking these missions as a failure. Unknown to pilots, the Ministry of Defense had placed a statute of limitations upon these missions, to expire sometime Monday morning. After a long night of fact gathering, we bring you this report. What does this mean? Is Aeolsah dead? Are they calling off the search? Should we just go back to our daily routines?

First we talked to the Research Board. Dr. Q’son, accompanied by an unidentified member of the Research board, took a few minutes and granted us a short interview late last night.

Dr. Q’son? Any comments on the situation?
“While it is unusual the Ministry of Defense chose to handle the matter in this fashion, we certainly thank them for what data we were able to retrieve. Pilots scanning the Gyre were able to pick up energy fluctuations within the clouds. Many companies such as Aristio Conglomerated and Cromforge Enterprises have been in touch with us already. The data is woefully incomplete. It wasn’t a total failure, I’d like to think…

We have not given up looking for Aeolsah, though the situation looks painfully grim. We have received news from Wake as you know, horrid news indeed.

Yes, we heard about that. It’s okay, Dr. Q’son, take your time.
I’m, I’m fine.

What about the badge reported found in Wake?
It is authentic, indeed, but what of the body? There was no sign of a body anywhere. We simply must not give up hope! Another odd thing is that for security reasons, we changed all our badges towards the beginning of February.

Yes I noticed that, very sharp, these new badges.
Why thank you Miss Nolynn. But the badge found in the Wake was current until the end of January. It is his…

Are you saying this badge is a diversion?
(Dr. Q’son held up a brand new badge, belonging to Aeolsah, and matching the ones currently sported by Research Board members.)

It was on Aeolsah‘s desk. He’s a bit absentminded sometimes. Still doesn’t explain Wake.

No, you’re right, it doesn’t. I see… Now we do have several pilots wondering about what happened with the Ministry of Defense and the abrupt enforcement of the expiration of those missions. Any comment?
We are much obliged to the help of the Ministry of Defense, no matter how paltry or incomplete. We raised high objections over the requirements placed upon pilots undertaking them, and the rewards just weren’t adequate. While the Research Board isn’t rich by any standards, we are willing to continue this search with our funds only because we believe in the strides made by Aeolsah regarding the Conflux. We are encouraged by the results we received, and are hopeful the continuing work in Amananth will lead us to Aeolsah‘s location.

What sort of project was he working on? I mean, why was he out there?
Aeolsah tends to take things a bit too literal at times. I’m not certain why he felt he needed to actually go out there, but the key is, he did, and we’d really prefer to get him back, you know? There are things about the Conflux locked in his head at the moment that we feel are critical to development in our never-ending struggle with the Conflux.

Do you believe the clouds are related to the appearance of the newest form of sentient conflux?
Not personally, but there is much disagreement in our department about this.

What about the disappearing pilots from several months ago? Is this related to the clouds as well? What about your own disappearance and reappearance at Amananth?
I think it’d be unwise to comment further on those topics until we’ve got the data from Amamanth.

Why isn’t this a TRI-wide mission? Clearly you’ve got the ear of each of the individual governments.
TRI’s got… plans. (Dr. Q’son shrugs.) I’ve got my contacts who are willing to work with us, as you can see.

What’s next?
We are diversifying our goals and picking up the pace a bit. Ships aren’t designed to be away from stations for quite so long. As we have not heard from any stations other than Wake, we’re not exactly at a dead end, rather a see what’s next.


After this, we followed up with the companies mentioned by Dr. Q’son.

A representative from Aristio Conglomerated commented, “We are very excited about new opportunities this may present to our work and continued quality products to pilots!”

Cromforge Enterprises had this to say. “Fascinating. Pilots can be assured we are looking into the possibilities presented at Amananth.”

We also contacted RMD Director Tetsab for her views.

Director Tetsab, many are curious why the search for new TRI RMD locations has taken precedence over the continued search for Aeolsah.

“Clearly it isn’t about one being necessarily more important than the other. Our mission was planned way before the disappearance of Aeolsah, and regret if its coincidental timing in appearance makes our department look cruel and insensitive. However, it certainly isn’t fair to pilots to require every single resource of TRI to be devoted to such a search, no matter how important is. Odd as it may strike the readers of TRINN, some people just don’t care about the search at all. I of course, wish them the best, and you can be certain agents of RMD will be around as support for all our pilots involved in the search as well, should they need it.”

Finally, we contacted the Ministry of Defense, who issued a cryptic statement, relayed via a secretary:
“The Ministry of Defense stands by its decision, and thanks you for your continued interest. Future inquires on this topic may be addressed to the Research Board.”

That’s the latest from around TRI, and we’ll keep everyone updated as news develops.


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