Renowned Conflux Expert Dies

Thane Carios

(Lepsia, Cinatus) Octavius announced today that Conflux expert Dr. Aulus Calatorius died this morning with a statement from Emperor Cineon I:

Aveg et H’nore, Octavius! Today we lost a great hero.  Aulus Calatorius died this morning at his home.  Calatorius lived a long, honorable and prolific 81 years, serving Octavius and The Reconstruction Initiative in the defense against the Conflux.  He was one of the pioneers in Conflux Research, working with his colleague Dr. Holly Q’son to try to understand the Conflux to try to give us all and advantage in our battles against them.  He was largely responsible for the development of C.L.A.W.S . – the TRI array of sensor we had to provide early warning against attacks.

Aulus Clatorius has passed through Avernus to feast with our ancestors  — heroes all.  Aveg et H’nore.

Calatorius began his career with TRI-R CSD, taking over as its head when Dr. Holly CalatoriusQ’son resigned in 103 but left just a little more than a year later, shortly after the break-in incident at TRIs Conflux Containment Center in Inner Aman, citing personal reasons.  He resurfaced as Conflux Expert at the Octavius Ministry of War not long after.

Calatorius  had avoided the public eye for many years .  Although he did not officially retire until 114.7 he was not often seen or heard from since well before The Catastrophe.


Fourteen-Year-Old DSS: Shocking Contents!

by Fence

(UUNN HQ) A recently-retrieved DSS has yielded an entirely new kind of data — an image.  As with other DSS, this one was made up on long strings of characters.  In some cases, these are indecipherable … in other cases, once decrypted, they yield various types of information in text form.  But a DSS-1 “Rare” found in Lesser Locks four months ago, turned out to be an image in encoded form.115.9.4D1B-0

The document dated AT 102.3.15 appears to be an internal memo from the TRI Evolutionary Council (TEC) welcoming new members to its ranks.  There is some data missing from corruption of the data, but some things are fairly clear:  that becoming a member of the TEC was a lifetime commitment; that the TEC was involved with research that involved conflux genetics–not surprising since it was widely suspected that the TEC was the organization behind the Conflux Containment Center; and most shockingly, that the TEC supported human experimentation and denial of freedoms.

In 102AT, the TEC was tied to the attempted assassination of Dr. Holly Q’son and the disappearance of TRINN Reporter Zoe Vexel … among many other things rumored but never substantiated such as the attempted assassination Dr. Nevin Yrral (then Director of TRI Research) and the successful assassination of Zhilaa Katdinal (then Director of TRI Bureau of Stellar Cartography).

While the TEC was a part of TRI during The Reconstruction period, it was not part of the reorganization into TRI Corporation in 105AT.  There has never been any information on the TEC membership roster.


ShaiDen Calls Findings “Historic.” Makes Connections to Previous Data.

By Thane Carios

(Amananth Station) Earlier today, UUNN reported the recovery and decryption of DSS data that appears to refer to Amananth, its inhabitants and its history.  The data, recovered by Jalil Aq’tamm and decrypted by Hammer-BS read:   The Nanth stands ready for the Amanthi people. Topaya awaits, but it will take many cycles before we could hope to begin the great migration.

Professor Athena ShaiDen of Sutonia University agreed to a brief interview with us to discuss the finding.  While many people know Professor ShaiDen as a Xenobiology expert, she is also the protégé of Dr. Holly Q’son who was one of the Amananth 20.  Professor ShaiDen has always been an avid student and collector of anything relating to Amananth.

UUNN:  This is an interesting day for those who are curious about Amananth.

ShaiDen:  “Interesting” not nearly strong enough.  It’s historic!  I canceled all of my classes.  We recovered just two sentences, but they say so much. 

UUNN: In what way?

ShaiDen:  Well, we see that the people of Amananth called themselves “Amanthi.”  We see further confirmation that they migrated elsewhere.  And we hear a second reference to “The Nanth.”

UUNN: Yes, this new information certainly connects with the data decoded by pilot Narada during last year’s DSS Decryption Contest (see comments section for message decryption).

ShaiDen: Absolutely.  That data was chronologically later than this one.  In the first decryption, the migration has already been ongoing for three years, and some calamity was at hand.  Many believed that account was about Amananth because of the reference to “The Nanth,” but there was no way to be certain.  Now we are.

UUNN:  Have you spoken with Dr. Q’son about the new information?

ShaiDen: No I haven’t.  My Amananth hobby was something she was never very comfortable with.

UUNN:  Why is that?

ShaiDen:  I would not want to speculate.  That’s really her business.

UUNN:  When do you believe this Amanthi migration occurred?

ShaiDen:  No idea.  There is nothing in the text that would date it in any way.  I’m sure the original DSS container will be closely examined for that sort of thing.

UUNN:  Do you believe Dr. Q’son will open up now about her Amanthi origins?

ShaiDen: Still her business.

UUNN:  Thank you for your time, Professor.

From the TRINN archives

by Zoe Vexel

Earlier today Amananth(AI) issued the following statement:

“Amananth has always valued the relationship we have held with TRI, specifically the Conflux Studies Division. Regardless of Dr. Calatorius’ Octavian birthplace, he is as welcome at Amananth as any TRI Research official.”

Director Yrral was quick to comment. “TRI Reseach is, as always, grateful for Amananth’s support for our efforts against our common enemy, the Conflux. All of us here at TRI-R are encouraged by the acceptance of Dr Calatorius by Amananth, and we look forward to the results of our continued good relationship.”

Q’son resigns, new TRI-R CSD Director named

From the TRINN Archive

by Zoe Vexel
AMANANTH/TRI HQ (TRI-FP) Dr. Aulus Calatorius has been assigned to head up TRI Research Conflux Studies Division, to fill the post recently vacated by Dr. Holly Q’son, after she announced intentions to maintain a permanent teaching post at Sutonia University. Dr. Calatorius has previously worked as an independent consultant with both Dr. Q’son and Dr. Mithis, and currently maintains offices at Octavius Outpost station.

Dr. Nevin Yrral, Director of  TRI Research, had this to say about Calatorius,

“In the best traditions of the Conflux Studies Department, Dr. Calatorius has previously shown his ability to think outside of the box, and generate very creative solutions to near impossible problems, such as his theories on adapting repair beams to scan sentient conflux, which ultimately led to the capture of a sentient. His previous work with TRI-R Directors was exemplary, and his leadership will make a great addition to the TRI Research team. Once the final administration issues are out of the way, Dr. Calatorius can resume CSD’s work at Amananth.”

Q’son Accepts Teaching Assignment

From the TRINN archives

by Zoe Vexel
AMANANTH/TRI HQ (TRI-FP) – TRI Research Board and Sutonia University issued the following announcement today:
“It is our pleasure to announce Dr. Holly Q’son will be serving as guest lecturer to the Behavioral Neuroscience Department at Sutonia University. Invitations from the Phyrra Institute of Technology and Quabaug University (and alma matter to the director) Xenopsychology Departments have also been extended to the Conflux Studies Division, and are “under consideration”, although no formal agreement has been reached at this time.

“As an Amananthii, Director Q’son is in the unique position of being able to share her knowledge with both space faring and surface dwelling students interested in learning about the Conflux,” commented Director Yrral. “We recognize the importance of educating academy pilots about Conflux before they get out here.” In addition to her scheduled speaking engagements, Dr. Q’son will oversee development of education programs (local and distance learning) at selected universities to help increase “flux readiness” of pilots.


An invitation from Dr. Q’son

Over official TRI channels, Dr. Q`son, usually a quiet figure, has made her voice heard regarding the current Amananth conflict. This reads as follows:

Now usually I stay out of politics and production, but considering this one has to do with keeping people alive as they fight the Conflux, here goes. I would like to extend an invitation to any shipping squad on behalf of Amananth (that’s shipping in, not out, thank you) to submit a bid for Cesium and Phosphorus. Let me know what your terms are, and we’ll see if we can’t work something out.