An Interview with Aeolsah, Solrain Scientist

From the TRINN archives


by Jezaret Nolynn

AMANANTH (TRI-FP) – Aeolsah, a Solrain science officer and assistant to TRI Research Board member Nevin Yrral, led an excursion Tuesday night from Solrain Core to help uncover the reasons behind the unorthodox behavior of these sentient Conflux. Around mid-evening, Aeolsah requested the help of Solrain pilots to help escort him to Amananth. We caught up with Aeolsah and he graciously answered a few questions for us at the station.

TRINN: Greetings, Aeolsah! We are glad to see you got here safely, got a minute for a couple questions?
Aeolsah: Um, sure.

TRINN: Can you tell us about your mission?
Aeolsah: I’m headed out and the boss says to me, “Aeo, I want that report on the weather patterns surrounding Amananth, and I want them before you consider yourself off duty! Get yourself out to Amananth today and get me some more data. And don’t forget your daily report, either.” Needless to say, I pulled a late shift and off I went, I was planning to do this later in the week when the weather had cleared a bit around Solrain Core. Now there I go, I launched my ship but crashed into the station trying to turn around. It was then I realized I needed help and called for pilot assistance before I headed out again.

TRINN: Everything went all right getting here, then?
Aeolsah: I really need to get out of the lab more and actually fly the ships I’m working on. Can I mention the pilots that helped chart the path and pilot me from Solrain Core to Amananth? They were so helpful.

TRINN: Go right ahead! I am certain our readers would love to know the names of such valued and trustable pilots.
Aeolsah: Thank you. I wanted to mention Akito, ORyan, Isurus, Isamu, DrVooDoo, Mr_Bones.. if there’s any other pilots that should be on that list, and I don’t think so, it was terribly hard to write your name down in the fog and I thank you as well.

TRINN: I’m sure they’ll appreciate the nod regardless.
Aeolsah: (simply nods)

TRINN: Were you able to obtain the information you needed?
Aeolsah: More research is needed before I feel comfortable in making any definitive conclusions. I will be requesting pilots to assist by escorting and guarding me to areas affected by the storms tonight and possibly tomorrow, depending on how things go.

TRINN: We (TRINN) have been referring to the sentient flux as having breeds, can you speculate on the nature of the Conflux for us and illuminate some of the different breeds for us?
Aeolsah: We scientists refer to Conflux by “class”, you may wish to do the same. Although the Conflux exhibit unusual patterns and new behaviors on occasion, sophisticated AI can perform this task with ease. Just because the Conflux show they can behave in an intelligent fashion, does not mean they are in possession of a life. We cannot presume that all things that show life also possess intelligence, either.

TRINN: What about the new bre.. class, sorry of sentient ships referred to as the C-11 ‘Chameleon’? The ships do appear to be Solrain Premias…leading some to speculate there are connections with the Solrain. Any comment?
Aeolsah: What are you trying to suggest? As a Solrain, I am appalled you would say such things about them in my presence. I have no further comments.

TRINN: Our apologies, and good luck in your research efforts, Aeolsah. Thank you for your time!


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