Sentient Attacks on the Rise; Scientist Search Contains New Information

From the TRINN archives

Sentient attacks are on the rise, increasing in deadliness, new tactics, and frequency. Last night, among other activity, a sentient interrupted a matter farm convoy. This solo sentient managed to take out a tow, took several others down to bare armor, and destroyed two fighter escorts in its deadly path. While their numbers appear to be small, their determination is unmatched, as many sectors last night report a deadly duo of sentients appeared first in one place, then another far away.

Defense Department officials have announced they will be conducting their search for Aeolsah leaving this evening from the Amananth station. Details will be given over TRI broadcasts approximately one half hour before departure. The Defense Department representative, Captain Estin has also indicated the department search will possibly be joined by Dr. Q’son, a Quantar colleague of Aeoslah’s from the Research Board.

A new development has formed over the search for Aeolsah. On Thursday at Wake station, trails of blood where discovered leading from slot 23-B-489 towards door EX-56 by local station reporter Arnash Galwar. Arnash reports he saw the door close as he was approaching the area. Door EX-56 leads to Wake Station’s most secure area with restriction level D.

Arnash alerted Wake Security Force right away but before they arrived he found a security card right by slot 23-B-489. The security card was heavily damaged but the name inscription was still visible on the card. The inscription was “Senior Professor”. In light of this evidence, Wake Security Forces have sealed off the area for further investigation.

Captain Estin commented, “In light of these facts, our destination must obviously include seeking data at Wake station, and of course, to verify the nature of this ‘evidence’. We appreciate any additional information Wake officials can provide.”

(TRINN wishes to thank Gwanda Salhin for extensive contributions to this report, especially the news from Wake.)


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