Research Board Project A Success

From the TRINN archives

Fortune appears to have smiled upon the trouble ridden Research Board at last. Plagued by faulty ships, still missing lead scientist Aeolsah, incomplete leads in his search, unexplained happenings, and occasional death threats, it seemed the ineffective Research Board would likely fall under the wrath known as TRI “budget cuts” next quarter if things didn’t start to change. However, Dr. Q’son and Dr. Mithis led a large group from GBS to Saron’s Shoulder to test a new scanner on some Conflux with great success.

We convinced Dr. Q’son and Dr. Mithis to take a small break in tabulating results to explain the rationale behind this bizarre approach to data collection.

“We do not see this sort of process as “bizarre”. Certainly it may look a bit odd to some, but in fact great strides in science have come about by taking risks. Our data indicated a large presence of sentient conflux were observed moving through the areas of GBS, Saron’s Shoulder and Pulsar on Monday. As many have observed in previous conflicts, sentient conflux tend to be numbered, thus making them easier to track. These two factors led to our spontaneous decision to try out Dr. Mithis’ new prototype scanner. I went along to stay at the station and provide information to incoming pilots during the activity and to compile information as it came in. While I was unable to get any data about the Conflux during the process, the pilots who held an small celebratory party at GBS were helpful in sharing their observations afterwards, including speed and weaponry employed by the sentients. In addition and on a completely unrelated note I was able to collect some data discs from pilot September for analysis.”

The scientists explained the process, which is duplicated below for informational purposes:

  • When hit, sentient conflux appear to become confused on occasion. This tendency leads to observed crashes into stations, asteroids, and jumpgates. Conflux had to be brought down to no shields, but not entirely killed. It has been proven now this will confuse them long enough to be scanned.
  • Live conflux appear to provide better data than dead conflux. This prototype scanner is not effective on dead conflux, thus, we had to ensure we had live samples to scan.

Dr. Q’son further indicated the plans for the scanner were first drafted by still-missing scientist , but it was thanks to Dr. Mithis’ technical expertise that allowed for the construction of it. With the prototype scanner on board, Dr. Mithis led the group out to Saron’s Shoulder where it took approximately a half hour to round up three conflux for scanning. While at first many were content to shoot whatever conflux appeared, a cooperative spirit eventually took hold as the group banded together to help the Research Board.

“JC_Sabre, divala, Arenor, Azrael, BlacKnight and Reif proved to be exceptional help to the Research Board and deserve special mention for their conflux catching efforts,” remarked Dr. Mithis. “I was able to collect a great deal of useful information for us to analyze.”

JC_Sabre merits additional mention for his ability to keep a conflux alive for an extended period of time, providing the scientists with an extensive and previously unavailable set of data for use.

The Research Board also wishes to thank:
Axiom, backspace, Blk_Dragon, Celmoriak, Chimera, Chlorman, Drizzt321, Dulin, Duster, E.Coli, Greenfleas, jpspiderma, Liet, Manaani, Migg, Mindfrag, MISkuGUN, Oberon, punknads, random, Ramiv, Sheriff89, Vagabond, VeX, and many other pilots who came out to GBS to assist Monday night.

The results are expected to be announced later this week.


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