Ministry of Defense Holds Early Morning Press Conference

From the TRINN archives


The below are direct quotes taken from the press conference held by Tache Uzelin, Divisional Leader of the Ministry of Defense. It was a lengthy conference, announced only an hour before its occurrence, and lasted an hour and a half.


Regarding recent requests of Hyperial:

“Although we have received a copy of a request from “Hyperial royalty” to TRI to formally be added into the space program, TRI cannot honor this request at this time.

TRI does not recognize the so-called authority of Prince Sandrich “DF” Fablemi as leader of Hyperial, and believes he has overstepped the boundries of the government of Hyperial (royalty or not) through this request. While TRI is delighted by the enthusiasm and motives behind the request, we cannot honor it for this reason.”

President Rauder was not present, nor could be reached for comment.


On the topic of the scientist Aeolsah:

“TRI is distressed at the lack of motivation shown on behalf of the pilots, and resents the calls to bribe officials for further incentives. Aeolsah has shown unusual potential during his tenure as assistant to Dr. Yrral, and TRI does not wish to leave any employees in undue danger. The longer Aeolsah is left out in space, the less likely his safe return is ensured.

With this in mind, Defense department officials will be launching a search of its own early Friday evening.

The Defense Department has no wish to reward pilots for their lack of heroics and compassion. If pilots are unwilling to complete these missions, then we must proceed in a different direction. Again.

A shame, truly.”


Of the petition to release of TRI exploration data:

 “TRI is encouraged by the data collected by our pilots and expects to act upon them shortly, but for security reasons cannot declassify the information gleaned from these flights at this time to individual factions.”


About the conflux:

“The conflux have exhibited the following new capacities:

  • Increased sentient activity.
  • Odd, self-destructive behavior. Pilots have reported conflux crashing into stations, and flying directly at them.
  • Conflux continue to send no transmissions whatsoever to TRI pilots. They are a silent, deadly force.
  • The C-11 has no official title yet. The “Chameleon” has been adopted as a working title, for lack of a better term.
  • The Conflux have been seen jumping through gates between sectors. Pink, foglike weather around Amananth and the sectors the Sea of Solrain, Omni V, The Dark Fork, the Gyre appeared during the first raid in months. The clouds around Amananth still linger, as do the conflux attacks. The other three sectors have reported a decrease in attacks and the disappearance of the pink clouds.
  • The Defense Department is concerned with the small scale attacks, and have evidence to believe these are serving as “warm ups” and “trial runs” for the Conflux. The Conflux have exhibited new battle tactics, and pilots are advised to report any other odd behavior to TRI.
  • Many wild rumors may be spread by malicious pilots. TRI will continue to issue periodic, offical updates on information gained through the Conflux.
  • The Conflux’s relentless attacks are interrupting our trade routes and endangering our plans for continued expansion, and thank the dedication of our pilots for efforts to contain this menace.”


About numerous other odd sightings:

 “TRI Defense does not even merit these as serious enough to comment upon each of them individually, other than as always, we advise pilots who may be suffering from hallucinations, a sign of emotional and physical exhaustion, to please consult their local station physician. Stations running low on medical supplies are requested to contact TRI. While our operations have been successful in gaining new recruits, the continued health and happiness of our current pilots is vital to the success of our collective efforts.”


Concerning Pilot Aewl:

 “TRI Defense apologizes for the delay in the return of your data disk. A courier will be at your home station this afternoon with its return. We thank you for your cooperation in helping the Defense Department. In light of data from your ship, we felt it necessary to request pilots to investigate the connection between the appearance of sentient conflux and the weather at Amananth, in hopes it will lead to further decryption of the data we have gained from your disappearance. Given the facts we have already learned regarding ‘s disappearance, TRI now has reason to believe they may be connected to earlier disappearances of pilots in Amananth sectors. In the meantime, we do not advise you or pilots to deliberately jump into anomalies in an attempt to recreate this bizarre circumstance.”


Regarding the reported move of squads to Amananth:

 “TRI advises pilots who wish to study Amananth space to be respectful of the operators of Amananth station and not to overstep any bounds that may cause undue political tension between them and TRI. Amananth has been most generous in providing technology for our use, and TRI appreciates their continued cooperation and knowledge.”


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