TRI Changes Direction in Scientist Search

As many are aware, TRI Scientist Aeolsah disappeared from the Amananth sector on his way to scan lingering weather formations after sentient attacks earlier this week.

Late yesterday, new missions by Tache Uzelin were made available to Solrain and Quantar pilots to continue the work of the scientist while TRI planned their next move. Hours after the release of these missions, however, they were revised, focusing not upon the destinations of the missing scientist, but the area surrounding his disappearance.

“Our sympathies and warm thoughts go out to Aeolsah’s family during this stressful time. The research board has implored TRI to shift energies into finding our missing collegue, and thankfully, they’ve listened. Anyone with information or sightings should please contact us,” commented Nevin Yrral. “We also are aware pilots have been lost in sectors before and request data on that if it is available. We are not saying this is what has happened, but we cannot rule out the possibility yet.”


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