Conflux Renew Attacks on Solrain

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  The Conflux have renewed attacks on Solrain assets and Solrain space, once again attacking the recently-repaired RB-3 facility and laying out a pattern of infestations to cut off Solrain from all other factions.


Image courtesy of TRI-SEC

“The pattern of infestation is a concern,” said TRI Conflux expert Carlo Adiar, MBA.  “This was a well-planned and orchestrated attack, with at least three separate sentients working in coordination — a C8s attacking pilots in Wake along with drone-swarms, a C14s infesting and a C17s bombing the RB-3.”

Because of the continued attacks, the STCC has decided not to hold any space-based events for the Reconstruction Days holidays which runs from 116.7.1 through 116.7.3 this year.  They have called upon all available pilots to work the Faction Mission to rebuild the Sabre factory in Cornea, to maintain beacons, to defend against further attacks.


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