Renowned Conflux Expert Dies

Thane Carios

(Lepsia, Cinatus) Octavius announced today that Conflux expert Dr. Aulus Calatorius died this morning with a statement from Emperor Cineon I:

Aveg et H’nore, Octavius! Today we lost a great hero.  Aulus Calatorius died this morning at his home.  Calatorius lived a long, honorable and prolific 81 years, serving Octavius and The Reconstruction Initiative in the defense against the Conflux.  He was one of the pioneers in Conflux Research, working with his colleague Dr. Holly Q’son to try to understand the Conflux to try to give us all and advantage in our battles against them.  He was largely responsible for the development of C.L.A.W.S . – the TRI array of sensor we had to provide early warning against attacks.

Aulus Clatorius has passed through Avernus to feast with our ancestors  — heroes all.  Aveg et H’nore.

Calatorius began his career with TRI-R CSD, taking over as its head when Dr. Holly CalatoriusQ’son resigned in 103 but left just a little more than a year later, shortly after the break-in incident at TRIs Conflux Containment Center in Inner Aman, citing personal reasons.  He resurfaced as Conflux Expert at the Octavius Ministry of War not long after.

Calatorius  had avoided the public eye for many years .  Although he did not officially retire until 114.7 he was not often seen or heard from since well before The Catastrophe.


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