Pilot Apathy Endangers Solrain

by Yaz Shanndar

(Cornea Station) Just days before Solrain celebrates its biggest holiday, a Conflux bombing sortie successfully destroyed the Sabre nuclear missile factory in Solrain Cornea Sector today while Solrain pilots remained absent.  The attack lasted from approximately 13:30 UTC until 14:36 UTC.  While Station Governor Elia del Babon authorized the launch of all station defense drones, it was not nearly enough to drive off the Conflux.  Only one pilot launched to assist the defense and he was in a tow which was quickly dispatched.

“I’m outraged beyond words.  Alarms were raised in every station and one single pilot launched,” said del Balbon.  “I launched every single defense drone we had.  I guess the next time I will have to launch myself,” she added.

In addition to the complete destruction of the nuke factory, two gates were infested – limiting access to the sector.  The STCC is urging all pilots to come help take down the infestations.  Preparations for The Reconstruction Days holidays have been suspended as the threat situation is assessed.


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