Conflux Cut off Octavius; Damage Chiropteran Yard

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  A coordinated attack by Conflux Sentients today successfully cut off Octavius space — and once Octavius was isolated, a C10s Bomber commenced with attacking the Chiropteran Naval Yard.

Only a single Octavius pilot launched to defend Outpost sector, and he successfully destroyed the Sent Bomber.  None of the Emperors were available to comment on the lack of defensive response from their pilots.

Infestations were strategically placed in Dark Gateway (Greater Locks and Diluted Reaches), Far Point (Light Crossroads) and Octavian Shore (The Gurge) to isolate the faction.  They remain in-place at this time.



2 responses to “Conflux Cut off Octavius; Damage Chiropteran Yard

  1. puzzled after 20 minutes of using 5 rb4`s the damage firmly remains at stage 2 75% wonder if im doing something wrong ?

  2. Octavius officials have reported to us that subsequent efforts have successfully repaired the building to Stage 3 — 78% — using RB-2s and RB-4s. The only suggestion was that you ensure that you were in-close (under 500m) when using your repair beams.

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