New DSS Decryption Contains Early-Amananth Picture

by Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ)  The latest DSS data recovery and decryption by the “Dynamic DSS Duo” of Hammer-BS and Jalil Aq’tamm appears to contain a tantalizing glimpse of the discovery of Amananth — and includes a hyperlink leading to an early picture from inside the station.Amananth Cryopods  The decrypted message itself was a report dated 038.5.12, which corresponds with Enkido Kahn’s discovery of Amananth.  The full text of the report was:

Mission Report 038.5.12 Priority: High. Classification: Z-Restricted. We have entered the station. It is eerie in its absolute emptiness. We have been unable to access much other than the flight deck yet, but we did find one accessible section with 21 functioning cryo-chambers. They are metallic and non-transparent so there is no way to know what is inside. Review the image I am providing and provide direction on how to proceed.

According to Hammer-BS and Jalil Aq’tamm, there were ten DSS recovered in The Split — three have not had data recovered yet; four were unreadable; one was an image of a manuscript from the First Book of Hamalzah; one was the Enkido Kahn log from 038.3.5; and the other contained this report.

“This DSS was encrypted by ROT47, the Enkido Kahn DSS was encrypted by ASCII-code. But the content of both DSS was done in mirror writing,” said Hammer BS when asked to compare the two Kahn finds.

Jalil added that the data recovery on the current find was much more difficult than the one containing the log entry.

One of the more interesting and puzzling aspect of this decryption was the image of the cryo-chambers — which was not encrypted into the report itself, but which was accessed via the hyperweb link shown in the report.  When asked whether the fact that this link was still active and accessible — even after The Catastrophe — led them to consider that this report and image could be a forgery, neither Hammer-BS nor Jalil were willing to speculate.  “I have done data recovery on many DSS,” said Jalil. “This one seemed no different from any of the others.”


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