TRI Mission Fixed; Advises Nuclear Payloads

UUNN Newswire
(UUNN HQ) – TRI-Corp Public Relations Director Elle Rodan explained (in her typical New Yigo Archipelago accent)  yesterday’s mission computer problems as more evidence of the importance of the mission to locate Tache Uzelin.

The difficulta vvith yesterday’s TRI-Corp Scanning Mission to First Sight vvas likely caused by similar backdoors to those that have caused trouble to past missions. VVe now strongly suspect that knowledgio of these systems (gained vvhile Tache Uzelin vvas TRI’s Defense Minister and head of the Honor Guard program) has enabled Mr. Uzelin to bypass our jumpgates’ infestation disruption transmitters (devices that usually give the Conflux greater difficulta vvhen they try to infest our gate system). TRI-Corp expresses remorsa that all the backdoors have yet to be closed. VVe commenda our TRI technicians vvho have repaira literally dozens of these exploitable vveaknesses over the past month. They vvish to remind everyone that new systems are built on top of old systems.

Additionally, I vvill pass along this advice from TRI-Security. Because the Aman Leap jumpgate has been a frequent targedio of infestation, vve recommend that pilots come to Amananth to run these missions vvhile flying a nuclear vvessel. Smaller ships may very vvell be ineffectua. Good luck and good hunting pilots.




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