Conflux Resistance Ramps Up

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) – Since the start of the Faction Missions two days ago, engagements with Sentient Conflux have increased significantly. Based on pilot reports and logs, the most prolific enemy has been the c14 nicknamed “The Infester” with a few showings of “The Crazy c3” who’s erratic flight patterns and strings of octal encoded messages continue. Director Carlo Adiar of TRI-Corp’s CSD had this comment:

Preliminary analysis of the TRI-Corp Mission shows promising results. We need more pilots running the mission to help gather more data. In a fairly obvious move of one-upsmanship, the STCC has resorted to outright bribery to ensure their mission completes before ours. We are surprised so many pilots are running that long patrol, and simply put, there are no c27’s in First Sight.

Director Adiar’s reference is to the Amananth FM (see graphic below). At the onset of both the TRI and Amananth missions, it seemed that more pilots were interested in the TRI mission even though there were some mission computer glitches preventing them from taking it. The payout for the Amananth FM was boosted significantly at the same time that TRI technicians got the TRI mission working correctly. Speaker Garreth’s office insists that the original mission payout had a typographical error: a 0 was left off the end, marking a ten-fold boost.




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