Quantar Prepares to Party

By Thane Carios

(Quantar Core) It was announced today that Quantar’s Third Tahir, Dr. Silas Tashawar, will be leading the Miners’ Days holiday that starts on Friday, 114.8.29 (August 29) and runs through Sunday, 114.8.31 (August 31).

“This is my first official appearance as a Tahir so I’m a bit nervous,” said the soft-spoken Tashawar. “While our people will be celebrating for three days, our official commemorations will be focused on honoring some of our oldest customs.”

According to Tashawar, this will include readings from the Parable of Kardaron, a presentation of gifts to the other major factions, a faction mining-mission, an updated version of the ancient “Blessing of the Shovels” and an awards presentation.

Details and times will be published separately.


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