Strike Force Eliminates Hive in The Disturbance

UUNN Newswire

(Amananth Station) – Today’s Strike Fleet has succeeded in destroying the hive in The Disturbance sector of Conflux Space around 20:30 UTC. The multi-factional force which overcame strong resistance from Sentients and Drones alike was led by TRI-Security Enforcer Thadeus “Ace” Adder. Some of his report has been declassified and released.

At the onset, we believed Tache Uzelin was using a Hive either in The Disturbance or possibly in First Sight as some sort of command post to broadcast his backdoor hacks of KTRI and our jumpgate network–at least the parts of it near Pulsar and Amananth–making it easier for the Flux to infest our gates. Both First Sight and Disturbance have seen unusually high Sentient activity lately. The hive in Disturbance was practically right on top of the beacon, if that means anything; plus it’s a Conflux Planet sector to boot, meaning we’d get pinched by drones coming from the hive and from the planet. Data analysis from those TRI/Faction Missions were supposed to nail down the target for us, but I like visual confirmation too.

The Sentients began the day a little before 18:30 by infesting Aman sector and putting up quite a fight. We lost a few ships. But we banged up one Sentient a bit and drove him off, and we happened to have JolietJake nearby in light fighter who was just barely able to follow him back to The Disturbance and watched him fly into the hive there. This pinpointed our target as The Disturbance hive. After 3 runs and 21 nukes or so, and another pilot or 2 shot down, the hive and anything still in it was toast. At one point, the hive sprouted globules and the drone action was so heavy that we couldn’t even target the hive…guess the radar computer couldn’t keep up.

Our Strike Fleet consisted of Bombers/Heavy Fighters: Fakerman, Baius, JokeR_GDI, and Narada (who got the kill shot on the hive); plus escorts Hanbeesl, JolietJake, and Fantome. Other pilots were nearby Amanan and assisted when the Sentients attacked there, but did not join the fleet action in The Disturbance.

Whether this strike will end the recent rash of infestations around Pulsar and Amananth or not, is a question that only time can answer.



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