Solicidal Paranoia Leads to Amananth Equipment Blockade


Darkspace Dispatch Vol. I, Number 4


Squad SoLiCiDaL has decided, based on information that they have allegedly recovered, to close down Aman space and to prohibit any Amananthii equipment from being hauled out to the other faction and personal stations.

“Due to recent information discovered on a rusty DSS, Amananth is now off limits to all TRI personnel. Our recent discovery shows that the Amananthi government is in league with the conflux. This cannot be tolerated. Aman leaders have given access to TRI space in exchange for technology secrets that make Amanathi equipment far superior than that of other factions. They fill their fat bellies with the blood of TRI pilots.

Purchasing Aman produced equipment is supporting the conflux menace. Henceforth, all TRI pilots entering Amananth space will be turned back, until further notice. If pilots persist, they will be dealt with accordingly.”

SoLiCiDaL has claimed that the blockade will end if Amananth agrees to share the secrets of its production with the other factions. While the Solrain government (STCC) expressed support of this initiative, the Quantar Fa’hil Memta and the Octavian Empire have opposed the blockade — each in their own way.


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