Quantar Responds To STCC

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

Quantar Core (TRI-FP) – The Fa’hil Memta was quick to respond to a recently announced escalation of the Amananth situation, with this brief statement being issued by Tahir Queliar Neamru:

“The Fa’hil Memta categorically denies the accusations laid down by the STCC. We invite the STCC to present its so called irrefutable evidence, and issue warning that should the STCC proceed with this foolhardy escalation of hostilities, we shall be forced to respond in kind.

“We shall do everything in our power to prevent this explosive situation from escalating any further, but the Fa’hil Memta will not stand by and ignore factionally sponsored piracy upon Quantar vessels.”


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