Octavius CSD Plans To Enhance CLAWS

From the TRINN Archives

by Zoe Vexel

(TRI-FP) In a brief statement by the Octavian Ministry of War this afternoon, plans were laid out to unilaterally enhance the CLAWS sensor arrays located in Conflux Space. The plans call for an additional sensor array to be constructed close to Pulsar Gate, with the intent to capture additional advance warning messages, to be relayed to the array in Pulsar.

“It is time for the Empire to move out from behind the coat-tails of TRI, and to provide for our own factional security,” reads the statement. “As shown by the attack last night, TRI can not be trusted to provide a timely warning and ensure our pilots can respond in time. In addition, it is now obvious that TRI has been keeping critical information regarding the placement of CLAWS arrays from the factional governments, so it falls upon the Octavian Empire to take the next step, and finish the CLAWS project, where TRI has failed once again.”


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