Conflux Attack Custom Producers

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(TRI-HQ) A pair of C17-S sentient conflux swept into Great Pillars station sector late last night, and started to attack the Duelist science station located there. Although multiple pilots responded to the attack, the sentients were able to disable the station before moving onto to Omni IV, where they were quickly dispatched by TRI pilots. However, the Duelist custom producer in Omni IV also suffered minor damage, and was shutdown for a short time for automatic repairs.

“Unfortunately, despite the Defense Condition being raised, a significant number of beacons remained untuned last night,” commented Dr Nevin Yrral, Director, TRI Research. “This enabled the conflux to approach mostly undetected, and minimized the warning time we were able to provide. Pilots are urged to keep beacons tuned, so as to provided the earliest possible warning of an attack, as well as the most up to date tracking information.

“The damage to the producers was minor, and both were operational shortly after the attack. However, we suspect that this is a prelude to a much larger offensive against key equipment sites.”


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