Octavius Denies Allegations; Initiates Response

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

Octavius Core (TRI-FP) – As the situation surrounding Amananth rapidly degrades, the Octavian Empire has seemingly taken a preemptive strike against the proposed licensing of the movement of Flashfire technology by the STCC.
“Why the STCC would even think that we would want to enter into any sort of alliance with Quantar is incomprehensible,” commented Tesios Muca. “I am sure that once this ‘evidence’ is made public, it will be seen for what it is – a fabrication by the STCC, and nothing more.

“The STCC is clearly manipulating the situation to obtain an economic stranglehold on certain key technology, starting with the Flashfire. This situation demands a strong and decisive response – a response that will come from the Empire, if the STCC continues down this misguided path.

“We will not strike first – the STCC has already done that by relocating Flashfires from Octavian space to Solrain space, yet, their thinly veiled attempts to weaken us will not succeed. Likewise, it is obvious to us that all Quantar wants is to expand their territory by Annexing Amananth space by false friendship. Therefore, effective immediately, Octavian forces are commanded to interdict any non Octavian ship carrying large quantities of Flashfires outside of Octavian space without the express permission of the Empire. Interdicted ships should dock at an Octavian station, where they may sell their Flashfires at market rates. Octavian cargo pilots are instructed to ensure that Octavius core station is regularly stocked with Amananth technology, including Flashfires.

“This order will remain in effect until the STCC revokes its recent edict, and Quantar ceases its expansionist policies for Amananth space.”


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