Hyperial and Martius Announce Joint Efforts

UUNN Newswire

(Hyperial Station) Hyperial Special Representative Dr. Viggio Ragne and Cicero Rnenta, Consul for Martius, met today to finalize an agreement.  They released the following statement:

Today we take a step which will be long-remembered.  Emperor Atticus Septus and President Drago Maximilian have reached out across the Void to form a partnership.  Despite our different histories . . . our different traditions . . . our different politics, they have found enough common ground to build an important partnership that, we hope, will bring just a little bit of unity in our badly-fractured corner of space.

There were no details provided about the pact other than the fact that it would include shared research and resources, and that its impact would be felt within days.



Hyperial President Releases Statement

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(Barnard, Hypsos) The office of President Drago Maximilian released a Presidential Statement today regarding recent campaign claims made by Berl Rismore.

Since Mr. Rismore has taken it upon himself to campaign to the galaxy rather than focusing on the electors in The Directorate, I feel the need to set the record straight.  Perhaps a century or so ago the position of Mayor of Barnard was actually about running a city, but since that time the duties — if not the title — have evolved significantly.  The Mayor of Barnard is one of my very closest advisers, especially as it relates to trade and relations with the other entities and factions.  So it is not very “odd” that other factions or corporations might take an interest in who occupies that office.  It is not some dark, dirty secret.  I guess time will tell whether the electors and the financial backers feel that Mr. Rismore is up to a job of that magnitude.  I do not.

Hypsos Holds Planet-Wide Remembrance of Dr. Kelvin Rauder

by Yaz Shanndar

(Hyperial Station) Everything on Hypsos went quiet for 15 minutes at noon today in remembrance of former President Dr. Kelvin Rauder whose 60th birthday it would have been today.

Rauder was elected on 098.4.1 and served as Hyperial President for more than 11 years up to his assassination on 109.11.5 — less than a year short of his 12-year term.  From 12:00 to 12:15 (UTC) all businesses were shut down and comm-networks went silent.  President, Drago Maximilian released the following statement.

Today, on his birthday, we remember the life of Dr. Kelvin Rauder — a man who led us through very interesting times.  He stood strong against TRI, who refused us our rights because its strings were being pulled by the faction overlords.  He opposed every Quantar attempt to undermine us.  And through it all, he lead Hyperial to become a preeminent center of manufacturing and trade.

Maximilian Rips Quantar and Others in Speech

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(Barnard, Hypsos) President Drago Maximilian broadcast a speech throughout Hyperial today.  While the address was long on rhetoric and short on details, it was clearly meant to internally rouse the national spirit.

The following is a transcript of the broadcast:

For many years we have found ourselves cast-out and separated.  Quantar looked to erase us.  TRI looked to control us.  Solrain looked to harvest profits and intellectual property. Wave upon wave have we endured — but not without its toll.

Now, once again, as we strive to improve ourselves, we have come under attack from the Enemy . . . first, questioning our right pursue the future, seeding  fear and jealousy throughout the other nations.  And now . . . now they DARE to make it their mission to intrude upon out sovereign space — openly and brazenly trespassing upon YOUR space . . . YOUR inheritance.  They believe we are downtrodden.  They think we are impotent.




The task before us may be the most difficult which has faced us in many years. But we all have unbounded confidence, for we believe in our nation and in its eternal values. We must all unite to contribute the bricks wherewith to build our future.

We, the Leaders and the Directorate of Hyperial will therefore regard it as its first and supreme task to restore to our people a renewed unity of mind and will. It will preserve and defend the foundations on which the strength of our nation rests. Research and technology will continue to be the nucleus of our nation and our state. Standing above estates and classes, it will bring back to our people the consciousness of its racial and political unity and the obligations arising therefrom. We will re-focus the education of our youth on respect for our great past and pride in bright future.

Hyperial “Ups the Ante” on Mission

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(Hyperial Station) Hyperial’s Office of the President announced today that it will be making a special award to the pilot who completes the current faction mission that has now in its fourth week and remains at under 25% completion.

“In order to try to combat the subversive actions of certain factions and corporations who feel threatened by our technological advances, President Maximilian has declared that thehyperial-duty-ribbon pilot who completes this very important mission will receive the very rarely-awarded Hyperial Duty Ribbon, along with a CM3 artifact.”

In support of Hyperial and it’s faction mission, the We Build it Foundation, the charitable arm of Dorator Technologies R&D, will also presenting the pilot completing the mission with a 5 million credit award.

To receive this award, the pilot completing the mission must screen-shot the Completion Message and forward it to jgnewsnet@gmail.com.

Hyperial Backs Solrain

UUNN Newswire

(Hypsos)  In a somewhat surprising move, Hyperial has changed its diplomatic stance with Octavius to WAR in response to the recent attack on a Solrain facility that was ordered by Emperor Venticus

“As a civilized spacefaring society, Hyperial simply cannot condone the wanton destruction of important infrastructure in this way,” said Hyperial President Drago Maximilian. “The new Octavius Emperor is feeling his power and needs to be checked. So we find that we must support our Solrain neighbors against this wanton aggression. Where TRI has failed, Hyperial steps forward.”