Pilots Crush Conflux in The Battle for Dark Crossroads

by Thane Carios

(Evening’s End)  Well over a dozen pilots showed up today in response to TRI-DEF’s call to arms.  The objective was to destroy a particularly resilient Conflux Infestation in The Gurge gate to Dark Crossroads.  Using 20 specially-modified Sabres, pilots were able to take out that infestation in a single bombing run – which was what the braintrust of TRI-DEF, Lexxor Intelligence and Prof. Athena ShaiDen had predicted.  But what no one expected was the Conflux Hive which they found when they entered Dark Crossroads.

“We loaded up the special nukes and headed out,” said pilot Hifly.  “The infest was taken out quickly with the help of fighter pilots keeping the Conflux away from our bombers.  As soon as the gate was open we went straight for DC.  Upon arrival in DC we found out what the Conflux had been up to – they had been building a Hive.”

The Battle for Dark Crossroads raged for nearly an hour with bombers making runs at the Hive and several battle for dxfighters flying cover for the swarms of drones and sentients in-sector.  Pilot Sytax landed the final punch, taking out the Hive and the rest of the operation was clean-up of the remaining Conflux sents and drones in-sector, as well as clearing the infested Connexion gate.

Multiple pilots had reported seeing more sentient messages both in The Gurge as well as in Dark Crossroads

In Gurge the following messages were seen:


… and …


In Dark Crossroads, an incredibly-fast C17 sentient that seemed to be leading the Conflux defense broadcast the following messages multiple times:


So far, only this last line has been deciphered and translated (by pilot Hammer-BS):  I am tribulation

“What we saw today – and over the past weeks — was unprecedented on many fronts,” said Prof. Athena ShaiDen, whose work in scanning the Gurge infestation was key to being able to take it out.  “We saw numerous communications from The Conflux – which we have been generally able to decipher and translate pretty quickly with the help of pilots Lordzuon and Hammer-BS.  We witnessed new incredibly persistent Conflux behavior – focused in an area of space not previously seen as a “hot spot.”  We saw a new approach to infestation that took concerted efforts between politicians, engineers and pilots to bring down.  And we saw an actual Hive in our space – which is very disturbing.”

But we also saw tremendous dedication and resolve by our pilots,” she continued, “Running scanning and patrol missions, trying to keep infestations clear, and battling drone and sentient attacks alike –for the last two weeks.  And then they showed up again when we needed them most – en mass – today.  Their actions were absolutely heroic.”

The roster of pilots participating in The Battle for Dark Crossroads is as follows:


If there are any other participants whose name we missed, we apologize and we ask that we let us know their/your names by contacting: jgnewsnet@gmail.com


4 responses to “Pilots Crush Conflux in The Battle for Dark Crossroads

  1. the final shot at the hive was from “sytax” also the final shoot at the first infest was from him. he was killed a few seconds after the hive blowed up. it was the fourth run with a oct bomber at the hive.

  2. hi jumpers!

    it is not so important, but i had much fun yesterday by supportng the battle with my battle-ROC. FFK_Masssa. clearing the battle-grounds from a cruising swarm and finishing the battle-evening at the border against a second swarm near leap.

    i stocked the nukes at EE, and i bombed the infest from the conexxcion-side. free from dumb c-manouvres only 6 hits, some nukes from Lothars L. but joker has easier work to finish, i hope. it was an experiment, bombing the infest from both sides

    most of the ideas around the event i have not understand in english -.- and in chat i had a mal-function, so that only the sec-chat worked.

    my mistake #.+

    but participant i have been not the most effective, much lame , but with enthusiam
    to play my especiality, nuking the sentients, was too dangerous for the other pilots in DX

    hope, the fighting against the flux will now be in center of more events and efforts.

    and finally i think, the not-advanced nukes, we took yesterday (think, it was up to 130) were from production of squad DWoC.

    EE is stocked again with 148 sabres, done yesterday in the finals, for a second round

    (IC): often i saw the ugly and sadistic faces of krill, prawns and sharkes deep in c-space.
    stop the command-hives!
    let´s go for freedom!

    (OOC): many thx for event and my best regards! FFK_Masssa [DWoC]

  3. Here’s my translation of the new messages:






    heT Koomn ilev ftuetdneer etl Too ash uyo goln
    ton uoY inap neieflg uor ujpm
    dclo natee is eegneRv tbse

    obrpe egol tup ouY nda ni us ot glssa
    arndi ouY oru fcisetrao eescens fro oruy
    Fro akme su renevy yuo torps

    is Zythren eman My
    fo aK isFrt
    rnaitblutoi I ma


    The Komon live unfettered let Too has you long
    not You pain feeling our jump
    cold eaten is Revenge best

    probe ogle put You and in us to glass/slags
    drain You our factories essence for your
    For make us venery you sport

    is Zythren name My
    of Ka First
    tribulation I am

    In a possible new order:

    Too long has you let The Komon live unfettered
    You not feeling our jump pain
    Revenge is best eaten cold

    You put us in probe to glass and ogle
    You drain our essence for your factories
    For sport you make us venery

    My name is Zythren
    First of Ka
    I am tribulation

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