TRI-R/CSD Issues Warning

UUNN Newswire

TRI Research Conflux Studies Division has issued the following release:

Careful analysis of the data collected by pilots during the recent scanning missions focused on the anomaly in Dark Crossroads has revealed that the emanations from the target anomaly are considerably different than those of the baseline. The rupture in spacetime presented by this anomaly seems to be shifting in phase, fluctuating in amplitude dramatically. We urge pilots to continue to keep the infestations cleared, to remain vigilant in patrols of the area, and to exercise caution near that anomaly.

Thus far, pilots have confirmed the following points about the recent peculiar Conflux activity near Dark Crossroads (DX):

  1. Conflux Sentients have been verbalizing, using Base64, with words often scrambled.  The primary message has been “the Ascendancy of Zythren(?) Ka, It is coming.” with some other occasional messages such as “get out” and “no fight” (or possibly “fight on”).
  2. Pink Sentient markers have been noticed in DX, despite no tuned beacons, often times with no Sentient sighted in-sectpr.
  3. Drone spawns in Dark Crossroads have changed significantly, with C12 Phocacea and C13-15 Nautiloids having been reported so far.
  4. Sentient and drone conflict has increased in the sectors near bordering DX. There’s been a wide variety of C-class types engaged in combat, higher drones than normally reported for the area.
  5. There has been continuing Infestation activity of varying strengths, centered around DX.
  6. There seems to be be an increase in the amount of storms in the area, though that may also be coincidental.

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