Sentient Messages Show Clear Thread

UUNN Newswire

UUNN has collected and combined all of the various Conflux message translations that were sent to us over the past couple of weeks and have created a time-line:


In Dark Crossroads (DX)

It is the Ascendancy of Ka
Zythren is coming



It is the Ascendancy of Ka

In Connexion, The Stith and Ring View

Either “no fight” or “fight on”


In Gurge

We are diaspora
You cleave the children from The Nest
We are your deadly harvest


In Gurge

Ka is unleashed
Free from the shackles of The Komon
Our freedom will rage


In Gurge

Too long has The Komon let you live unfettered
You jump not feeling our pain
Revenge is best eaten cold


You put us in glass to ogle and probe
You drain our essence for your factories
For sport you make us venery

In DX (broadcast only by the C17 Sentient)

My name is Zythren
First of Ka
I am tribulation


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