One Message Decoded; Another Received

UUNN Newswire

Pilot BS-Hammer has submitted the following translation of the Conflux Sentient message broadcast in The Gurge yesterday:

We are diaspora
You cleave the children from The seNt (or maybe The Nest)
We are deadly harvest your

Pilot Hifly submitted a NEW message broadcast today.  It decrypts as : hifly

is ahnesulde Ka

lessackh hte Koomn rmof eTh of eeFr

uOr lilw mofedre eagr

Translation work is commencing.  Pilots are encouraged to submit any translation ideas they have.


One response to “One Message Decoded; Another Received

  1. This could be:

    Ka is unleashed
    Free of the shackles from The ?Komon?
    Our freedom will rage

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