Pilot Surprised by Sentient in Narrow Canal

by Sinver
edited by Thane Carios 

(UUNN HQ) On the morning of 115.10.23, pilot Sinver was engaged by a C9 sentient conflux in Narrow Canal.  At the time, Sinver was doing Solrain beacon maintenance.  With recent conflux activity focused in Dark Crossroads/Gurge and Connexion, a Sent attack all the way across space in Narrow Canal was completely unexpected.

“I noticed a new pink spot on my radar,” said Sinver. “Assuming it was a a new spawn I cycled through my targets to discover that the new target was actually a C9 kraken — most likely sentient since C9s are not normally seen in that sector. Normally, my flight or fight instinct would would lead me to pull a ‘Sir Robin’ but something made me decide to give it a go.  I can’t believe I survived.”

With conflux activity clearly on the rise — including a lot of very unusual conflux behavior — all pilots are encouraged to be vigilant whereever they are flying, and to report all unusual activity.


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