TRI, Lexxor, Academics Agree on DX Plan

by Fence

sabre(Evenings End) – In a rare occurrence of agreement and cooperation across multiple corporations, factions, pilots/squads in realspace, departments within TRI-Corp, and respected researchers, a plan has been put into place to deal with the “hardened infestations” that are surrounding the Dark Crossroads sector. Scans of the infestation indicated quick regeneration, and the phase shifting of the anomaly have suggested that a simultaneous strike against the infestation of Lexxor’s newly modified prototype nukes may bring down one of the infestations so pilots and researchers can have a better look inside.

As such a nuclear strike team of all willing pilots will be organized around 19:00 UTC (find your local time), tomorrow (Sunday 10/25), using Evenings End as the primary staging area. Pilots of all factions and creeds are urged to join the strike team in bombers, fighters, and support craft.


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