Infestation Scans Yield Surprising Results

by Thane Carios

(Evenings End Station)  Conflux expert, Prof. Athena Shaiden of Sutonia University has released the results of the scans she made of the Gurge/Dark Crossroads gate infestation on 105.10.22.

“After one failed attempt to scan the infestation, where I was jumped by a C8 Sentient, with my ship – and the scan result destroyed – I was able to make a second scan attempt which has provided us with useful, if surprising, data,” said ShaiDen.  “During my second scan attempt, I had backup from pilots JokeR_GdI, Hifly3 and Reyman.  I took one extensive set of scans focusing on the infestation ports, and then had Reyman put a single nuke into the infestation 151022_172246– after which I took an identical second set of scans.

“What the data showed was that the infestation took the expected amount of damage from the nuke – but what was different was that it very quickly began regenerating.  Usually, once an infestation is damaged, the damage remains.  So what we are seeing here is either a new type of infestation – or perhaps there are conflux in the sealed-off Dark Crossroads sector actually ‘repairing’ the infestation almost as quickly as we are damaging it.”

Dr Nevin Yrral, Director of TRI Corporation, Research Division (TRI-R) is working closely with Prof. ShaiDen and her team to try to come up with a new approach to attacking the regenerative infestations.  “We have some ideas,” said Yrral, “and we have also had extensive input from the people at Lexxor.  It may day a couple of days, but we will come up with something.”

Yrral added that continued bombardment of the infestations at this time, is probably a waste of valuable resources and credits.

In addition to the novel infestation, pilots also saw new “messages” broadcast from the Conflux sentients defending the infestation in the Gurge.:




Decryption and translation efforts are in-progress.


4 responses to “Infestation Scans Yield Surprising Results

  1. We have completed the Base64 decryption but have not successfully translated so far. The messages are:

    asdraiop era eW

    eTh You eavlce the steN nihcrdle orfm

    ehvsrta yuro eW delyad era

  2. Unscrambled, you get this:

    diaspora/paradiso are We
    The You cleave the sent/Nest children from
    harvest your We deadly are

    You might put it in this order:

    We are diaspora
    You cleave the children from the sent
    We are deadly, harvest your …

    Does not make much sense to me though…

    • That’s great work! It makes sense (sort of). My only suggestion is that in line 2, T and N are capitalized, suggesting they are first letters.

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