Dorator To Terminate Hyperial Production

From the TRINN Archives

by Rafel Solamis

Octavius Core (TRI-FP) – Dorator Technologies R&D today announced their intentions to close their Hyperial based production centers.

In a press release from Malkev Dorator, the founder of Dorator cites various reasons, including the lack of willingness of the Hyperial government to support repairs and upgrades to Hyperial production facilities after a devastating attack by sentient conflux several months ago.

Anonymous sources within the Hyperial government are said to be furious at the move, believing the action to be politically motivated, and directly supported by the TRI Executive Council, and the Octavian government.

Dorator has a diversified product line, including the Barrak gauss cannon, which will be primarily affected by the closure of Hyperial manufacturing facilities.


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