Quantar Shares Results Of Septio Interrogation

From the TRINN Archives

by Zoe Vexel

TriPoint Station (TRI-FP) – In an exclusive interview with TRINN, Governor Queliar Neamru II (QN) discusses some of the promising results garnished from the interrogation of Septio.

TRINN: There seems to be some confusion surrounding the capture of Septio – could you explain what happened there?

QN: Certainly. Septio was intercepted at Hyperial station by Brotherhood pilot spork. Upon destruction of Septio’s ship, the pod returned to TriPoint, and was automatically transferred to a secure area, pending the arrival of security forces. There are some rumors of a conversation between spork and Septio at Hyperial station, but these must be untrue, as Septio has been in our custody since his ship was downed.

TRINN: The name Septio would appear to be of Octavian origin – can you comment on this?

QN: We have confirmed that Septio is an Octavian pilot.

TRINN: If this is true, how was Septio able to acquire a Quantar fighter class ship?

QN: This aspect is still under investigation, and I am unable to comment at this time.

TRINN: What have you been able to discover about the relationship between Septio and Courier?

QN: We have strong evidence which ties them both to Letifer.

TRINN: Letifer? As in the person suspected of masterminding the Quantar bribery scandal?

QN: Yes. For over two years, Quantar security forces, in conjunction with TRI Defense have been monitoring someone known only as ‘Letifer’. We believe that Letifier is the leader of a highly organized underground crime group, focused on undermining the work of TRI.

TRINN: So why are we only hearing about this now?

QN: The capture of Septio has provided us the clearest view to date into Letifier’s organization, which, honestly, we still know very little about.

TRINN: What about Courier?

QN: We are still searching for Courier, but we consider this pilot an extremely high priority target.

TRINN: Can you discuss any specific information gathered from Septio?

QN: Much of what we have learned is highly classified, until it can be verified and acted upon. However, we have learned that Courier was on a high priority mission from Letifer when he was intercepted for an unrelated crime. At the time, we were not aware of who we had in custody, and he was later broken out by some disloyal Quantar pilots, with the assistance of Septio. Courier’s mission was to deliver fake evidence of a secret alliance between Quantar and Octavius against Solrain, with the intent of raising tensions between the factions, perhaps even starting a war.

TRINN: Thank you Governor, for your time.

QN: Always a pleasure to talk to TRINN.


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