Great Pillars Hit Hard By Conflux

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – In two separate attacks yesterday, several conflux sentients, including C8-S and C17-S led direct assaults against Great Pillars and Cornea stations. While a defense force comprised of squads -=DragonEye=-, Brotherhood and Vae Victis quickly formed to protect Cornea, the earlier attack against Great Pillars was mostly undefended against. As a result, the conflux sentients were able to cause the destruction of all equipment at Great Pillars.

“Once again, TRI has shown that it favors Solrain,” stated a clearly angry Aggripus Montona, Great Pillars governor. “While Solrain forces received several hours warning, Octavius received almost no warning of this attack. Despite the Empire’s generous support of the CLAWS project, its SRI overseers repeatedly refuse to issue adequate advance warnings of attacks into Octavian space.”

Cornea station governor Elia del Babon, unsurprisingly, had a different point of view:

“While all of Solrain empathizes with the pain of embarrassment that Governor Montona must feel right now, TRI should not be blamed for this incident. I would suggest that if the Governor wishes to find the one to blame, he need only look in the mirror. On behalf of Solrain, and the STCC, I wish to offer my gratitude to all those pilots who successfully defended Cornea from this attack.”

TRI Research was unavailable for comment, citing high level discussions over unusual activity within Conflux space.


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