Conflux Attack Naval Yard

From the TRINN Archives

by Zoe Vexel

Corridor (TRI-FP) – After an unusually quiet period of sentient conflux activity, the Quantar Heavy Miner (“Khamsin”) naval yard located close to Corridor station came under attack from several sentients earlier this week. Tuned beacons tracked the sentients approach from Outer Third, and pilots were able to intercept and destroy all the sentients, as well as their escort drones.

“The naval yard suffered only minor damage, and production of the Khamsin has not been adversely affected,” stated station governor Sathama Randi. “Thanks to the proactive nature of Quantar pilots in the area, who tuned beacons shortly after the Defense Condition was raised, we received some advance warning of the attack, and pilots were able to respond in a timely manner. I have requested that the Fa’hil Memta and TRI work together to provide the necessary expertise and resources to adequately protect our critical facilities from other similar attacks.”


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