Pilots Promote Good Morale

From the TRINN Archives

by Alexa A’vros

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – Following on from the series of activities sponsored by TRI-RMD last month, various TRI pilots have picked up the torch, and are hosting their own activities to maintain pilot morale.

105.01.06 at 9pm ET – Pilot Combat Training
Quantar pilot Radi is hosting a training course for both new and veteran pilots alike, to help hone their combat skills against other pilots.

105.01.07 – JG Tournament (2005)
RaiderOne, squad -=DragonEye=-, TRI-RMD and JPR are teaming up to bring you ‘JG Tournament 2005’. A team based series of competitions to test many aspects of pilot life, with a large prize pool to boot!

105.02.17 at 8pm ET – Weekend of War V
Being organized this time by pilot Garak, and Solrain squad -=DragonEye=-, the Weekend of War promises to be an exciting event, and a great chance to fly with old friends, and make new ones!

“We here at TRI-RMD are always pleased to see pilots host events and activities for the benefit of other pilots,” commented Echo Tetsab, Director of TRI-RMD. “I personally encourage pilots to join in these events, or even host and organize their own – we are always willing to listen and offer feedback on pilots’ ideas, and offer support as appropriate.”


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