DSS Riddle Deepens

by Yaz Shanndar

(UUNN HQ) Further follow-up discussions has revealed a yet deeper mystery to the “message” on the DSS-3 recently data-recovered and decrypted by Jalil Aq’tamm and Hammer-BS.  We have now learned that image hidden within the first image somehow leads to a cryptic survey titled The Inquest (25.3.5010).  Inquest

When asked about his recent decryption revelation, Hammer-BS said, “There were 4 phases of decryption from octal numbers to text, from text to image, from image to qr-code and from qr-code to survey. Especially the hidden image was tough to find as there’s no obvious clue that it is there.” Continue reading


Historian Questions Recent Find

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core)  A DSS that was decrypted on 2.26 included something that appeared to be the date 3674.3.9.  It appears to be using the Sorian Standard calendar — which would make the date 3136 BT.  We asked Professor D. Karr of the University of Solrain at Sol Core (USSC) to give us a statement on the find.DSS decrypted by razorskiss

“It’s pretty impossible to make any judgement on this.  If this is authentic — and if, in fact 3674.3.9 is a date and not some other kind of counter — it would be the oldest piece of history found to date.  Right now, our verified history starts at 2690 BT.  Anything before that is legend.  So this would push that ‘history’ back more than 500 years.  That being said, it would not not be very usable history since this just appears to be a system diagnostic of some sort.  Not sure how that could add to our knowledge.”

When asked about the mention of ‘TRI,’ Professor Karr responded, “Well . . . if ‘TRI’ means The Reconstruction Initiative or TRI Corporation, then 3674.3.9 isn’t a date.  If 3674.3.9 is a date, then ‘TRI’ has some other connotation.  It’s that simple.”

Ancient Ruin Uncovered on Perasca

by Yaz Shanndar

(Sa’ing Matar, Perasca)  The Quantar Council on Antiquities released an image of a site that has recently been found on Perasca, along with a brief statement:

A previously unknown and unexplored site has been found on Perasca.  While months and months of work lay ahead of us before we can have any hope of understanding this amazing discovery, an advance team of specialists has performed a preliminary survey and have suggests it may date as far back as 2900 BT, although the size and complexity of the structures are far beyond any other similarly-dated structured on the planet.


The site lies in a rugged section of the Jekar range, approximately 215 kilometers from Sai’ing Matar.  A team of novitiates from Wardok Military Academy were hiking the valley when they found what they believed to be a small ancient ruin — but upon entering the structure they found a cavernous subterranean structure running several stories down underground.  They immediately reported the find to their Provost, who relayed the information to the local Synod.

Although the Council on Antiquities provided no further details, historian Professor D. Karr from the University of Soria at Solrain Core (USSC) was able to provide some insight:

“This is an incredible find, regardless of what the dating ends up being.  This thing goes at least five or six stories down underground.  We have never, ever seen any ancient site like it anywhere in Quantar — or anyone else as far as I know.  I can’t wait he hear more, but I suspect it might be a while.  Proper investigation will be a painstaking process and will take time.”

Decrypted Log Image Tells Imperial Abduction Tale

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core) On 116.9.30, DSS decryption expert Hammer-BS published a decryption from a DSS1 found in The Split with an image of what appears to be a handwritten log or journal that seems related to the story of Atticus Lucanus, who later became Emperor Atticus Primus of Martius.

dss-log-pageThe sisters told me to feed the boy Atticus to an Ekel, but I cannot bring myself to kill a(n) heir to the Empire. A local witch says that he can be rendered [catatonic] using a tea made from the root of the Desert Pine. She says if he is kept in the state for several months, he will forget his very name once he is allowed to withdraw and [awaken]. So that is what I must do. I fear the judgement of my ancestors and expect an early and honorless death. But I prefer this consequence rather than bowing to the will of Drusa and Priscilla.


We asked Professor D. Karr of the University of Soria at Sol Core (USSC) to give his analysis of this find.

“There’s actually quite a lot of information packed in here,” said Karr.  “The story appears to provide previously-unknown details about the abduction of Atticus Lucanus in 2725.4 (old Imperial Calendar) which is 35.4 BT. I cannot find any data on Horat Bario.

“From the document, we also learn that the plot was to kill, rather than abduct the young heir – and that Desert Pine root,  a well-known hallucinogen, was used to drug him instead.  We also have clear implication of Drusa and Priscilla, the aunts of Atticus Lucanus, in the plot to remove him from the accession line.

“But what I absolutely cannot tell you is the most important thing – whether this document is, in fact, authentic.  There is no way to accurately date it or to authenticate it as an actual log.  Frankly, it could just as easily be someone’s attempt to write historical fiction.”

But along with the apparent “answers” offered by Professor Karr, there are also other nagging questions.  Why was this specific log page imaged and saved?  And why was it found near Amananth, in The Split, rather than from somewhere near Martius?  Perhaps the questions surrounding authenticity are the reason for the complete lack of reaction from Octavius.

Sol Historian Discusses Recent DSS Find

By Yaz Shanndar

(Solrain Core)  We asked Solrain Historian and retired jump pilot ZeroZ95 (now better known as Professor D Karr of the University of Soria at Sol Core), to shed some lights on the recent DSS find that involved a topic very near and dear to him, and he agreed to a brief interview. We caught up with Professor Karr at a quiet cafe near the History corridor of USSC.

UUNN:  First of all, thank you for taking some time to discuss this recent DSS find.  Given the topic, you were certainly the best person to talk to on this.

Karr:  You’re welcome.  It’s a fascinating find.

UUNN:  Professor Karr, do you prefer to be referred to by your old callsign or your real name?  In fact I don’t think I know your full name.

Karr:  “Professor Karr” works for me.  “ZeroZ95…” my squaddies used to call me Z, except the ones from rural Martius who called me “Zed”…wow that feels like a lifetime ago.

UUNN:  OK . . . well . . . let’s start with the audio file itself.  Was there anything about it that you found surprising or particularly interesting?

Karr:  It’s downright eerie to hear my friend’s voice on a recording made 2100 years ago. It’s one thing to intellectually know that Drayvn and his brothers are from the PreCollapse era, but to hear him literally speaking to us across the eons sent a chill up my spine the first time I heard it.

But that aside, the mere existence of the DSS itself is a wonder.  That shiny disc not only has survived for over 2100 years – it survived The Great Collapse, The Catastrophe, and everything inbetween.  Unfortunately, the only new thing we learned was that the Argent, their ship, was capable of traveling at about .80 to .85 of light-speed based on their ELD estimates.


Karr: Estimated Lightspeed Dilation – the time dilation effect.  The closer you travel to the speed of light, the slower times moves for you.  At 0.85 light speed the ratio is about 1.8.  So for a person traveling at 0.85, when a year has passed for us, they would have only experienced about seven months.  Drayvn said that their ETA was 44 days, but 28 days on an adjusted basis – which would be 1.57, but you also have to adjust for deceleration.

UUNN: Were there any other similar tidbits?

Karr: No, we were already aware of the Argent Virus – in fact I’m quite sure there’s an entry on it in TRI-Databank.  And I had published an article many years ago detailing the time line … and that’s available for anyone to read in the library.

UUNN: You mention Time Line – in the Hammer_BS Plog about this, he mentions that there was a timestamp of 4780.9.17 in the dataset.  What does that mean?

Karr: Yes. “Sorian Standard” date format. Remember that the TRI calendar is a fairly recent invention. When the Sols and Quants formed TRI 116 years ago, they agreed to start a new calendar at 1 AT (After TRI). So you have to add 6810 years to any BT dates. But, there’s no year 0…so only add 6809 for AT dates.

UUNN:  That’s fascinating, I had no Idea there was a Solrain calendar.

Karr:  {laughing} Well that’s because you’re very young. A few holdouts, stubborn nationalists really, still use the old calendars in all 3 factions…actually there’s 3 different ones in Octavius, but we’re drifting outside the scope of interest, I think.

UUNN: Since we’re drifting…where are the “Drayvns” and what are they up to?

Karr: {grins} Nice try, kid.

UUNN: What’s the “D” for really?

Karr: {stands and extends hand to shake} “Done.”

UUNN:  Professor Karr, thank you so much for your time and willingness to share your knowledge.