Sol Historian Discusses Recent DSS Find

By Yaz Shanndar

(Solrain Core)  We asked Solrain Historian and retired jump pilot ZeroZ95 (now better known as Professor D Karr of the University of Soria at Sol Core), to shed some lights on the recent DSS find that involved a topic very near and dear to him, and he agreed to a brief interview. We caught up with Professor Karr at a quiet cafe near the History corridor of USSC.

UUNN:  First of all, thank you for taking some time to discuss this recent DSS find.  Given the topic, you were certainly the best person to talk to on this.

Karr:  You’re welcome.  It’s a fascinating find.

UUNN:  Professor Karr, do you prefer to be referred to by your old callsign or your real name?  In fact I don’t think I know your full name.

Karr:  “Professor Karr” works for me.  “ZeroZ95…” my squaddies used to call me Z, except the ones from rural Martius who called me “Zed”…wow that feels like a lifetime ago.

UUNN:  OK . . . well . . . let’s start with the audio file itself.  Was there anything about it that you found surprising or particularly interesting?

Karr:  It’s downright eerie to hear my friend’s voice on a recording made 2100 years ago. It’s one thing to intellectually know that Drayvn and his brothers are from the PreCollapse era, but to hear him literally speaking to us across the eons sent a chill up my spine the first time I heard it.

But that aside, the mere existence of the DSS itself is a wonder.  That shiny disc not only has survived for over 2100 years – it survived The Great Collapse, The Catastrophe, and everything inbetween.  Unfortunately, the only new thing we learned was that the Argent, their ship, was capable of traveling at about .80 to .85 of light-speed based on their ELD estimates.


Karr: Estimated Lightspeed Dilation – the time dilation effect.  The closer you travel to the speed of light, the slower times moves for you.  At 0.85 light speed the ratio is about 1.8.  So for a person traveling at 0.85, when a year has passed for us, they would have only experienced about seven months.  Drayvn said that their ETA was 44 days, but 28 days on an adjusted basis – which would be 1.57, but you also have to adjust for deceleration.

UUNN: Were there any other similar tidbits?

Karr: No, we were already aware of the Argent Virus – in fact I’m quite sure there’s an entry on it in TRI-Databank.  And I had published an article many years ago detailing the time line … and that’s available for anyone to read in the library.

UUNN: You mention Time Line – in the Hammer_BS Plog about this, he mentions that there was a timestamp of 4780.9.17 in the dataset.  What does that mean?

Karr: Yes. “Sorian Standard” date format. Remember that the TRI calendar is a fairly recent invention. When the Sols and Quants formed TRI 116 years ago, they agreed to start a new calendar at 1 AT (After TRI). So you have to add 6810 years to any BT dates. But, there’s no year 0…so only add 6809 for AT dates.

UUNN:  That’s fascinating, I had no Idea there was a Solrain calendar.

Karr:  {laughing} Well that’s because you’re very young. A few holdouts, stubborn nationalists really, still use the old calendars in all 3 factions…actually there’s 3 different ones in Octavius, but we’re drifting outside the scope of interest, I think.

UUNN: Since we’re drifting…where are the “Drayvns” and what are they up to?

Karr: {grins} Nice try, kid.

UUNN: What’s the “D” for really?

Karr: {stands and extends hand to shake} “Done.”

UUNN:  Professor Karr, thank you so much for your time and willingness to share your knowledge.


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