Hammer-BS Receives Keval’s Thanks

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  STCC Minister of Citizenry, Aljia Keval, broadcast a speech today announcing medal111today that the STCC is awarding the Keval’s Thanks medal to pilot Hammer-BS, for his work in completing the recent Solrain Faction Mission to rebuild the Sabre Missile Factory in Cornea sector:

On 116.6.28 we initiated a Faction Mission to rebuild our nuclear missile production facility.  A facility that had been destroyed by Conflux attacks.  It took twenty four days to complete this mission.  This rebuilding effort required 4,000 units of Aluminum; 400 units of Gold; 3,000 units of Machined Parts;  3,000 units of Construction Materials;  2,000 units of Fiber Optics ;  500 units of CPUs; 2,000 units of Manufactured Food;  and 5,000 units of Water.

It was a BIG mission.

In fact, it was the biggest mission we have initiated in over a decade.  It required just under 20,000 units of commodity to complete.

It took us a while to tabulate the figures, and when we saw the results, we had to go back and re-do all of the calculations, because clearly there had to be an error.

But when we re-counted, the result were the same. 18,680 units of the commodities required for this mission were delivered by a SINGLE PILOT!

Well I’m here today to tell you that the pilot’s name is Hammer-BS, and for his absolutely extraordinary effort, the STCC is awarding him a medal that was given my name name, many years ago — and so it give me a very special honor to present Hammer-BS with the Keval’s Thanks award.



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