Pre-Collapse Distress Call Found on DSS

by Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ)  The latest DSS data recovery and decryption by the Jalil/Hammer-BS team contains an audio distress call from Commander Drayvn of the ship Argent.

After reviewing the badly corrupted recording a number of times at reduced speed, UUNN believes the following is a very close transcript of the recording:

This is Commander Drayvn of the Sol[???] Ship Argent.  We have apparently been exposed to an undocumented virus.  None of our antivirals have been effective. Two members of the crew [??????] very serious condition and all but one of us [???????] symptoms, including fever, facial swelling, muscle fatigue, and bleeding from the nose and eyes.  We [?????] least 44 days from arrival – just about 28 days for us adjusting for ELD (estimated light-speed dilation).  We begin deceleration in 25 days.  I do not know if we will survive.  This ship must be quarantined upon arrival and anyone coming aboard must be air-tight.  I will continue to broadcast crew status and ETA daily for as long as I can.  Please notify [????????????? . . . the end of the recording is complete static.]

Drayvn was one of the seven pre-collapase Solrains who were found by Hyperials and turned over to Solrain, along with a cure for the virus,  back in 102.1 AT. But it was not until 106 that the STCC acknowledged that Drayvn and several members of his crew had actually survived and been successfully revived.

The revelation caused grave concern that the existence of pre-collapse Solrains could mean that Solrain had access to information about pre-collapse technologies — which could given Solrain great advantages and upset the precarious factional balance of power.  Ultimately, fears were calmed when it was also revealed that the revived pre-collapse Sols had very little memory of their pre-collapse lives and no useful technological information due either to the effects of the virus, their long-cryosleep, damage to their cryosleep capsules during the transfer to Solrain in 101 AT . . . or oven a combination of these issues.

(See UUNN’s TRINN Archive for the story from 106.2)

Drayvn went on to found the Solrain Factionalist Squad, Solidarity.


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