Pilot Alleges TRI Enforcer Attack

by Thane Carios

(TRI HQ) TRI Corporation announced today that it has received a report that a pilot had been attacked by a TRI Enforcer around midnight GMT on 116.2.9.

TRI EnforcerA statement was taken today by TRI-SEC from pilot Spitmcgee, who had made public claims of being attacked by a TRI Enforcer-class ship.

“Spitmcgee was very cooperative,” said TRI-SEC Commandant, Solder Ronin.  “He met with one of our officers on Great Pillars station and was very forthcoming in answering all of our questions.

“But the fact remains that we had no TRI-SEC ships in-flight at or near the time of the alleged attack.  We have just two Enforcers in out fleet, so it’s not very hard to account for them — and rather obvious if one is missing.”