Solrain Offers Expertise to Recover DSS Data

by Kedra Brenari

(The Wake Station) The STCC today offered the services of Solrain engineers to help in the recovery and decryption of DSS found during a pilot-sponsored event in sector Canis 9501 in Amananth space.

“We recognize and applaud the efforts of individuals in recovering and decrypting DSS data but it’s a very big job,” said STCC Speaker Demeter Garreth, “Although we don’t endorse the recent Amananth-mania, and we actively discourage pilots from the kind of intrusive behavior currently being sponsored by Hyperial, I have been authorized to offer the services of the STCC to help with the recovery and decryption of the many DSS recently collected in an effort sponsored by pilot Clanlord.”

Garreth went on to say that while ancient history is interesting, it is more important for pilots to focus on maintaining the vitality of the current economy, as well as to help ensure the recent uptick in pirate sightings is “appropriately dealt-with.”


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