Contests, Races and Missions Fill Festival! Event Schedule

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  The full schedule for the upcoming Festival! holiday was released today, featuring a number of different holiday activities.

115.11.22 – Deadline for submissions to the Sarath V. Memorial Library’s Storyteller Contest and Library Lottery.  (Submissions can be made to until 12 midnight UTC on November 22.)

115.11.26 (Thursday) until 115.11.28 (Saturday)Pure Mining Contest.  Mine as many pures as you can during this period.  The pilot with the highest number of Pure Asteroids mined will be the winner.  The contest will run from Thursday at 00:00a UTC until Saturday at midnight UTC.

115.11.27 (Friday) @19:00 UTCThe Great Festival! Race.  Equip a Tow and get ready to haul.  You’ll receive a series of destinations and cargoes, with the race beginning at Solrain Core station and ending at The Wake station.

115.11.28 (Saturday)Beer Fest.  Every party needs some beer, so pilots will have a number of “beer-related” missions to take on.  Watch the Faction Mission board on Saturday for details.

115.11.29 (Sunday) – Award announcements.


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