Festival! Awards List Released

UUNN Newswire

The following awards are being given for the various Festival! Events and contests:

Pure Mining Contest

1st Place/Karadron’s Spade and CM4:  Hifly (249 pures mined)

2nd Place/Keval’s Thanks and CM3:  Hammer-BS (153 pures mined)

3rd Place/Keval’s Thanks and CM2:  Sinver (121 pures mined)

Captains Commendations will also be awarded to the following pilots for their participation in this event:  Baius, Calph, Jimbo, -LoneSrk-, Ragaril, Sweithek and Veloxi.

The Great Festival! Race

1st Place/Cesium Medal & 100u of Platinum:  Filzi

2nd Place/Platinum Medal & 50u of Platinum:  Hammer-BS

3rd Place/Antimony Medal & 25u of Platinum:  Hifly

There were no other participants in this race.

 TRI Trivia Contest

Winner/Seeker of Knowledge medal – Filzi

Hammer-BS will receive a Captain’s Commendation for participating.


There were no pilots receiving the minimum-required ten votes for any of the Pilots’ Choice Awards (Combat, Mining, Leadership, Conflux Hunting and Economics) and there were no entries either for the Storyteller Contest or the Library Lottery.


8 responses to “Festival! Awards List Released

  1. Thank you for the medals, but you forgot the Seeker of Knowledge medal (Trivia Contest) and the Captain’s Commendation medal (participating) for me!? Thank you in advance. 🙂

    • We didn’t forget. Some of the Medals are awarded by HQ and others we do locally. We were waiting for HQ to get done before we did the other awards. Should be completed today!

  2. Do pilots on 1st to 3rd places of the mining contest and the race also get the Captain’s Commendation? If so, these are missing as well.

  3. All medals should now have been awarded. Equipment prizes for the Pure Mining Contest have been placed in Depot Storage.

    • Thanks for the prize and the awards!
      Sinver and myself got the Keval’s Thanks medal twice.
      Although very shiny, I doubt that was intentional. 😉

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