Pilots Honored for Roles in Conflux Battle

UUNN Newswire

(Battle for DX RibbonUUNN HQ)  TRI Announced today that it is awarding a special ribbon for participation at The Battle for Dark Crossroads on 115.10.25.  This design of this ribbon is unique for this battle and it will never be awarded again.

Pilots receiving this special honor are: Abdul, Arkady, Baius, Clanlord, Drevent, Filzi, Hammer-BS, Hanbeesl, Hifly, JokeR_GdI, JR_OVK, Sinver, Sytax, and Transall.

In addition to receiving battle ribbons, two pilots are being recognized for their exceptional efforts.

Defender of the BarrierHifly is being awarded the Defender of the Barrier medal for his tireless work before the final battle, bombarding infestations and battle conflux sentients and drones. He also captured and submitted many of the conflux communications that were subsequently decrypted and translated by Hammer BS.

Seeker of KnowledgeHammer-BS is being awarded the Seeker of Knowledge medal for his extensive work on decrytpting and translating the Conflux messages.


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