Cromforge Plans Inventory Reduction

UUNN Newswire

(Quantar Corridor) Cromforge Enterprises (TRISE:CROM) announced today that is is planning to scrap thousands of units of it massive equipment inventory on all Quantar CromforgeStations. “When inventory does not move, it not only has to be stored — it also has to be maintained,” said Cromforge spokesperson Cila Rotup’uh. “It is a huge expense, and one we can no longer sustain. The fact is that we have sold exactly ten Harvesters in the last six months. We have an inventory of more than 1,700. And that’s just a single example.”

The inventory reduction is not expected to have any immediate impact on pilots. It will be reported as a one-time expense in Cromforge’s Quarterly Results, which were already expected to be poor, resulting in a net-profit decline in each of the last six quarters.


Cromforge President Dies

UUNN Newswire

(Quantar Core) Cromforge Enterprises (TRISE:CROM) announced today that its CromforgePresident, Quelo Zu’nan, died early this morning. Zu’nan had led Cromforge for over 12 years, but had come under fire recently as the Quantar corporate giant’s results continued to falter.

No specifics surrounding Zu’nan’s death have been announced.  He leaves behind a wife and one son.

Cromforge Analyst Found Dead

From the TRINN Archives
by Zoe Vexel

Quantar Core (TRI-FP) – The body of Huey Luoto was found earlier today by maintenance staff working to restore Thorn production at Quantar Core station.

Luoto was officially listed as a Competitive Threat Analyst, although Cromforge was unwilling to comment on the specifics of his duties, or what he may have been doing in that part of the station.

Security at Quantar Core are treating the death as suspicious.

Cromforge Retaliates Against OPL

From the TRINN Archives
by Zoe Vexel

Quantar Core (TRI-FP) – According to a statement issued by Cromforge this morning, a surgical strike team comprising of several Quantar pilots escorted a Cromforge agent into Octavian space, and managed a ‘successful’ strike against OPL assets throughout the Empire.

“After the earlier unprovoked attack against Cromforge production facilities, Cromforge Enterprises decided on a measured response, to ensure that OPL and others are fully aware that all actions have consequences.

“Once Cromforge engineers assessed how OPL was able to destroy our inventory so effectively, it was a simple matter to turn this against OPL. Our agent was not only successful in ensuring several thousand OPL items were destroyed, but also managed to completely shutdown production of the OPL “Injustice” heavy laser.

“With the completion of this operation, Cromforge Enterprises considers the matter closed, and we have submitted detailed information to TRIR-MSD on the design flaws that were exploited to enable the recyclers to be reprogrammed. Cromforge is grateful for the assistance provided by those pilots who volunteered to escort our agent.”

Requests for comments from OPL have thus far gone unanswered.

Investment Opportunities Offered

From the TRINN Archives
by Rafel Solamis

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – In what appears to be an attempt to recoup losses after a the recent tit for tat corporate squabbles, Tens & Piney, Cromforge Enterprises, and Octave Propulsion Labs have all offered up similar investment opportunities as part of their bids to win the exclusive manufacturing rights for the Letifer virus cure from Samsun Universal.
“Tens & Piney is pleased to offer the chance at a good investment opportunity for enterprising pilots,” stated Vivian Duvazaco. “When T&P wins the cure bid, those pilots who invested will be richly rewarded for their foresight and financial savvy as their initial investment gets doubled. In addition, T&P commits to ensuring the cure is made available as fast as possible to any government who has citizens suffering from this terrible disease.”

“Cromforge is committed to bringing this cure to the people of Perasca,” remarked Cila Rotup’uh. “It is our intention to offer this cure to the Fa’hil Memta at cost price. Cromforge is not out to make a profit, nor reverse engineer the cure into a new virus, but simply to help those who are suffering.”

“Only Octave Propulsion has the vision for this project,” commented Zru Tudezaw. “Anyone with an ounce of common sense will see that investing in the OPL bid offers an almost guaranteed chance to double their money in a very short period of time. We have a proven track record of taking the initiative, and thinking out of the box to bring products to market faster than our competitors.”

All three investments close at 23:59 ET on 105.03.17 and any pilot wishing to partake should contact the corporations directly.

Cromforge Announces Engine Upgrades

by Zoe Vexel

Quantar Core (TRI-FP) – In a statement released today by Cromforge Enterprises, the Quantar based energy giant announced several upgrades and changes to three of its ion thrust based engine products.

“Cromforge is pleased to announce an immediate upgrade for the “Shepherd” ion thruster. The new “Shepherd” provides Quantar pilots with a lighter, more efficient alternative to the OPL “Guzzler”, whilst sacrificing very little in overall maximum power output. In addition, the “Mitoria” and “Mitoria Plus” engines have undergone extensive re-engineering to make them significantly more competitive for use in lighter ships.”

Octave Propulsion Labs was quick to respond.

“The technology behind the ‘Guzzler’ gravity driver remains far and above whatever Cromforge can manufacture. We do not anticipate the changes to the Shepherd to affect sales of the ‘Guzzler’ in any way. We invite all pilots to try this improved ‘Shepherd,’ as we are confident that all who do will happily return to using OPL products immediately after their first test flight.”

All existing “Shepherd”, “Mitoria” and “Mitoria Plus” engines have been automatically upgraded.