The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol. II, No. 1 – by Ares Kiden

After a rather lengthy hiatus, The “UU” is back!  But I won’t bore you with the details . . .

Flux-Hunt In-Progress
The Samwise Memorial Flux-Hunt is in-progress and has apparently gotten a number of veteran pilots to jump back into the cockpit, including Ambrosius, Audi, J_Prime, MadCat, Nammoc, Nessos, Noodles, Orome, Slopey and Yozho (to name a few I noticed).  Apologies to any I missed.  Kudos to RazorsKiss who organized the event, which will be running through 118.2.3.

Corporate Blues
First OPL announced layoffs on Outpost and Octavius Core stations … then Cromforge announces inventory and production cuts, and even more layoffs.  Things don’t sound good for either of those giants.  No peep yet from the Solrain mega-corp, Tens & Piney, but I’m sure investors are watching them closely.

New Flux Patterns
A few weeks ago, pilots began noticing some changes in the was Conflux have been spawning.  Changes have been noted in Aman Hook, Blasted Corner, Bronci Rift, Hyperion Gate, Inner Aman, Main Gate and The Stith (did I miss any?).  Pilot RazorsKiss (who seems to be one busy dude these days) has created an updated Conflux “threat map” and it can be found HERE.

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Cromforge Names New President

UUNN Newswire

(Quantar Corridor) Today Cromforge Enterprises (TRISE:CROM) today named Reshan Lexis as its new President, and she hit the ground running revealing her plans to begin restructuring manufacturing operations. As a part of that process, this morning Cromforge is discontinuing all weapons manufacturing on Corridor station. Continue reading

Cromforge Plans Inventory Reduction

UUNN Newswire

(Quantar Corridor) Cromforge Enterprises (TRISE:CROM) announced today that is is planning to scrap thousands of units of it massive equipment inventory on all Quantar CromforgeStations. “When inventory does not move, it not only has to be stored — it also has to be maintained,” said Cromforge spokesperson Cila Rotup’uh. “It is a huge expense, and one we can no longer sustain. The fact is that we have sold exactly ten Harvesters in the last six months. We have an inventory of more than 1,700. And that’s just a single example.”

The inventory reduction is not expected to have any immediate impact on pilots. It will be reported as a one-time expense in Cromforge’s Quarterly Results, which were already expected to be poor, resulting in a net-profit decline in each of the last six quarters.

Cromforge President Dies

UUNN Newswire

(Quantar Core) Cromforge Enterprises (TRISE:CROM) announced today that its CromforgePresident, Quelo Zu’nan, died early this morning. Zu’nan had led Cromforge for over 12 years, but had come under fire recently as the Quantar corporate giant’s results continued to falter.

No specifics surrounding Zu’nan’s death have been announced.  He leaves behind a wife and one son.

OPL Resource Stockpile Raided

From the TRINN Archives
by Zoe Vexel

Outpost (TRI-FP) – In what appear to be totally independent actions, pilots working for Tens and Piney as well as Cromforge Enterprises launched successful raids against a warehouse being used by competitor OPL at Outpost station.

“It is a shame that Cromforge and T&P have decided to turn this peaceful challenge into a dirty war,” stated OPL spokesperson Zru Tudezaw. “However, this surprise attack upon our facilities will not go unpunished. We are reviewing our options, and rest assured, we will implement a suitable proportional response.”

“Cromforge can not and will not allow OPL to win this bid,” remarked Cila Rotup’uh for Cromforge. “Their plans to reverse engineer the cure into a new, more potent, virus are simply unacceptable, and they must be stopped at any cost. Cromforge will continue to ensure that the citizens of Perasca receive this cure without being priced gouged by T&P, nor reinfected by OPL.”

Tens & Piney declined to comment on the incident.

Solrain Squads Implement Trade Lockdown

From the TRINN Archives
by Alexa A’vros

Solrain Core (TRI-FP) – In a statement issued by -=DragonEye=- Wing Commander dahalb, a lockdown of Solrain trade is being enforced by pilots loyal to Solrain.
“Solrain Trading has been suspended until further notice. All haulers wishing to trade with Solrain must seek approval from DE Command Staff.

Due to the nature of the current economic climate, production of certain things cannot be compromised. As such any hauler caught without authorization will be dealt with harshly. We apologize for the inconvenience and trust that during this period we will have your understanding.”

“Tens & Piney is grateful to the forward thinking of the pilots who have taken this course of action,” remarked T&P’s Vivian Duvazaco. “It is exactly this type of strategic common sense that will not only ensure T&P’s victory over Cromforge and OPL, but also provide a profitable future for all of TRI.”

While we are staunch supporters of free trade we have found it necessary to levy some strategic controls on the markets within the commonwealth,” commented Osprey, -=DragonEye=- commander. “We believe this action to be in the best interest of Solrain and in turn all of TRI. We are not interested in downing innocent pilots and are very willing to work with anyone that contacts us.”

The STCC declined to comment, citing this as a ‘pilot issue’.

Cromforge Analyst Found Dead

From the TRINN Archives
by Zoe Vexel

Quantar Core (TRI-FP) – The body of Huey Luoto was found earlier today by maintenance staff working to restore Thorn production at Quantar Core station.

Luoto was officially listed as a Competitive Threat Analyst, although Cromforge was unwilling to comment on the specifics of his duties, or what he may have been doing in that part of the station.

Security at Quantar Core are treating the death as suspicious.