Lift Glitch Strands Governor for Hours

by Kedra Brenari

(Great Pillars) Great Pillars Station Governor Sergio Vitus found himself stranded for more than two hours when an apparent computer glitch shut down elevator lifts station-wide in the very early hours of 116.1.7.

The search for Governor Vitus began when his wife reported him missing at 01:25.  The Governor’s security team was apparently not with him on the lift when it was stranded between station decks 14 and 15.  Given the early hour, most of the stranded lifts were unoccupied.  Station Ops was not even aware of the problem until the Governor was reported missing and a scan was made for his private transponder — locating him in lift 69.  Reports indicate that there were also two women stranded in the lift with the Governor, but their names have not been released.

Great Pillars Station Ops reports that the glitch has been identified and that all lifts are now safe to use.


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