ShaiDen Calls for Coordinated Artifact Search

by Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ)  Professor Athena ShaiDen, Chair of the Xenobiology Department at Sutonia University, today called for a “coordinated artifact search” in Amananth space.  Urging the Factional Governments to come together in coordinating a co-operative mission, ShaiDen  said, “Quite by accident we have come across two amazing and unique pieces of Amananth history.  How much more might we find if we made a concerted, focused effort?”

Dr. Viggio Ragne of Hyperial, whose commented,”TRI and its crony-factions quake in their boots when it comes to Amananth.  There are dark corners there where they don’t want any light shined.”

Arbin Mallow, long-time member of the STCC said, “Professor ShaiDen would be better served focusing on the Conflux problem instead of her hobbies.  Wake sector was attacked again today and the Repair Beam facility there was damaged.”

Representatives from the other factional governments declined comment.


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