ShaiDen Calls Findings “Historic.” Makes Connections to Previous Data.

By Thane Carios

(Amananth Station) Earlier today, UUNN reported the recovery and decryption of DSS data that appears to refer to Amananth, its inhabitants and its history.  The data, recovered by Jalil Aq’tamm and decrypted by Hammer-BS read:   The Nanth stands ready for the Amanthi people. Topaya awaits, but it will take many cycles before we could hope to begin the great migration.

Professor Athena ShaiDen of Sutonia University agreed to a brief interview with us to discuss the finding.  While many people know Professor ShaiDen as a Xenobiology expert, she is also the protégé of Dr. Holly Q’son who was one of the Amananth 20.  Professor ShaiDen has always been an avid student and collector of anything relating to Amananth.

UUNN:  This is an interesting day for those who are curious about Amananth.

ShaiDen:  “Interesting” not nearly strong enough.  It’s historic!  I canceled all of my classes.  We recovered just two sentences, but they say so much. 

UUNN: In what way?

ShaiDen:  Well, we see that the people of Amananth called themselves “Amanthi.”  We see further confirmation that they migrated elsewhere.  And we hear a second reference to “The Nanth.”

UUNN: Yes, this new information certainly connects with the data decoded by pilot Narada during last year’s DSS Decryption Contest (see comments section for message decryption).

ShaiDen: Absolutely.  That data was chronologically later than this one.  In the first decryption, the migration has already been ongoing for three years, and some calamity was at hand.  Many believed that account was about Amananth because of the reference to “The Nanth,” but there was no way to be certain.  Now we are.

UUNN:  Have you spoken with Dr. Q’son about the new information?

ShaiDen: No I haven’t.  My Amananth hobby was something she was never very comfortable with.

UUNN:  Why is that?

ShaiDen:  I would not want to speculate.  That’s really her business.

UUNN:  When do you believe this Amanthi migration occurred?

ShaiDen:  No idea.  There is nothing in the text that would date it in any way.  I’m sure the original DSS container will be closely examined for that sort of thing.

UUNN:  Do you believe Dr. Q’son will open up now about her Amanthi origins?

ShaiDen: Still her business.

UUNN:  Thank you for your time, Professor.


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